TEEN TRUTH: DRUGS & ALCOHOL Trailer – TEEN TRUTH: DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE is a poignant film that engages, entertains and educates the viewer about the risks of . This follow-up to TEEN TRUTH: BULLY melds intense music, graphics, and teen shot footage with sobering interviews featuring students, drug authorities, and addicts to deliver an honest look inside substance abuse. A must see for all youth, TEEN TRUTH: DRUGS & ALCOHOL delivers an unforgettable message that will make anyone reconsider his or her next hit or sip.


Whooping cough cases reaching record highs

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Wyoming Road Conditions; Nebraska Road Conditions; Colorado Road Conditions; Wyoming Ski Resorts · Colorado Ski Resorts · Sports · Wyoming Sports Headlines · Prep Athlete of The Week · National Sports · Colorado Sports Headlines …. The controversial …
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Google search for human traffickers, drug cartels

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KGWN –Cheyenne, WY– Scottsbluff, NE News,Weather, SportsGoogle search for human traffickers, drug cartels. Home · News · CBS 5 News This Morning · Wyoming Headlines …. Drug cartels, money launderers and human traffickers run their sophisticated …
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Ladies, drink to your (bone) health

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Wyoming Road Conditions; Nebraska Road Conditions; Colorado Road Conditions; Wyoming Ski Resorts · Colorado Ski Resorts …. Although alcohol abuse is a serious medical and public health problem, the effects of moderate drinking on health have not …
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12 Responses to TEEN TRUTH: DRUGS & ALCOHOL Trailer

  • 1969KUNLE says:

    i saw this video and it impacted me greatly. I am looking for the full version of this video and “teen discussion on drug? abuse and addiction….. to show to the highschool kids in my district.

    where can i get this asap.

  • MultiLulul says:

    i actually saw this video at an assembly during school, and it was actually very impacting, it made me cry a little? bit…
    where can i see the whole video online for free? because i want to show my sister

  • zacbaker91 says:

    In almost any situation there are those who will take things to far.? Understanding your personal limits and the effects of the drugs (alcohol included) you choose to partake in can allow you to enjoy the experience of altered states of mind without becoming one of these sob stories. For once I would like to see a drug and alcohol presentation that shows both extreme stories as well as the stories of those who use in moderation.

  • teentruthlive says:

    You say our film is a shock video? We don’t understand. It is teens and addicts telling you the truth. If the TRUTH? scares you then maybe it is time to pay more attention to the TRUTH.

    Nothing in this video tells you what to do. It is constructed in a way that will make you think differently. Based on your reaction we hope it has made you think differently.


  • SpeedyCheeze says:

    saw this in school. Its? a shock video to scare people.

  • TheFilipino3 says:

    I saw this? at an assembly

  • gsalt43 says:

    what really? ruins ppls lives are cigarettes and xanax

  • Miicloviin says:

    no offence?

  • Miicloviin says:

    thedirtynasty dude really alcohol isnt worse than weed, weed ruins brain cells if you actually think that i wouldnt? sugest goining on weed your brain is already damaged

  • crystalclear674 says:

    i saw this film? in my school today

  • teentruthlive says:

    Ok cool, yeah it talks alot about alcohol in the film, so I just wanted to? make sure you knew.



  • teentruthlive says:

    have you seen the film??

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