What’s Wrong With the This Coming Generation?

Question by Dusk: What’s wrong with the this coming generation?
I’m 20 years old and after seeing stories such as the Jena 6 case, Omaha shooting and the Myspace suicide, it makes me wonder where generations younger than ME are going?!

When I was in grade school I watched Rugrats, cartoons, and played sports. When I was a pre-teen I did play some violent video games but since I knew fantasy from reality I never acted on that stuff. As a teenager I worked hard in school and while I did have fun I didn’t drink or use drugs or have sex.

Now you are hearing about kids under 13 doing all these things? When my cousin was 10 (she’s 11 now) I was floored when she mentioned watching MTV. When I was that age I didn’t even know what that was! It seems my generation seems to have it somewhat intact (maybe 1/3 of us), but these days its so scary.

Is there any way that people MY age can save this younger generation from destruction without becoming all right wing and biblical?
When I saw a Maury segment with a 13 year old little girl with a 2 year old child I wanted to BARF!!

Why don’t celebrities and prominent figures try to HELP these kids instead of encourage that kind of crap?

Damn even Rosie O’Donnell, who likes kids, with all these little girls acting on fake-lesbianism and psuedo-bisexuality for means of attention (yea it was big when I was in high school too), can’t SHE does something about it even?

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Answer by Hannah
to put it bluntly. it all has to do with the parents and when this generation starts raising kids….i cant imagine what their offspring is gonna be like.
nobody has standards anymore, everyone is too conforming.

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