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Substance Abuse Prevention – This video explains the adverse effects of and how to avoid them: for school and universities. – created at http://goanimate.com/


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Is Internet Addiction a Real Medical Menace?

Question by ? allan y: is internet addiction a real medical menace?

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Answer by giga b
no. its just affecting ur eyes. that’s all

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Kate Brown on the Dept of Corrections Audit – On August 13, 2013, an Oregon Secretary of State audit of the Department of Corrections identifies a new funding strategy to treat more high-risk offenders f…


When One Hears of Substance Abuse??? ?

Question by ChemStudent: When one hears of ??? ?
When one hears of substance abuse one immediately thinks of illicit or illegal drugs. However, mind altering substances are legally prevalent in our society with their use having a multitude of consequences. Use this forum to thoughtfully discuss the problems associated with them.

I’m taking a substance abuse class and the teacher gave us this question to collaborate about! Let me know what you think.

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Answer by Czar Walters, Child Saver!
Well, I think the questions may be a little biased, but that’s not surprising when it comes to our school systems.

What Would Be Some Good Websites for Information on Drug Addicts to Answer These Questions…?

Question by Adam D: What would be some good websites for information on to answer these questions…?
Here are the questions we have to answer for the paper and searched and i foun dlike none of the answers.

-1)Why do drug addicts suffer under their specific type of poiverty?
how has society structured and organized itself to promote this type of poverty
the values and beliefs our society has ingrained within us that allows us for this poverty
the social behaviors that keep this group marginalized adn voiceless
2)How could society be changed to help eliminate this type of poverty
how society can be re-structured and reorganized to promote healtier living by this group
how to change the destructive values of our sicoiety into healthier beliefs that include drug addicts
how to promote healthy social behaviors that keep adn will lead to the betterment of drug addicts

Teen Drug Abuse and Addiction Guide


Teen and Addiction Guide – This video is made by http://sandiegoteentherapists.com/ focussing on the facts about teen drug abuse and addiction.Here you can find the some symptoms of dr…



Movie Title – Drug Addiction?

Question by punk_squirrel13: Movie Title – ?
I watched a movie last night but can’t remember the title at all.. I think it’s something like ‘Requsition of a Dream’?? Anyways, it’s about how people get hooked on speed and injections and such.. a grandmother tweeks out because she wants to lose weight, theirs killings, a guy loses an arm, and a girl does anything for money/drugs.

theirs also an older female actress who lost to Julia Roberts in Erin Brochivich in some award ceremony in hollywood

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Answer by Samuel B
Requiem for a Dream