How Do I Get Back on My Prescriptions?

Question by : how do i get back on my prescriptions?
Hi, i could use some serious feedback, and this may get a little lengthy, but here it goes. About 5 years ago i was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. At the time, i didnt believe in taking prescription drugs as most of my family has struggled with various drug addictions and prescription drug abuse. So i was always trying to be a “badass” and ended up with the group of kids in school known as burnouts, started smoking pot, then drinking a lot, and this eventually led me to an insane meth addiction. So i continued using up until about 8 months before my 18th birthday, when i broke into a motel room, stole a bunch of prescriptions and various stuff to sell to feed my addiction. Well, i didnt get very far, because i was staying at the same motel, (wasnt thinking, was drunk at the time, and morally in the wrong). The cops came and witnesses told them my description, so the manager took them to my room, where they burst in unannounced, and caught me literally red handed with the pill bottles on the nightstand and laptop in hand, me emailing and facebooking people to whom i was going to sell the prescriptions. That day i got 7 felonies, but being my first time getting in turmoil with the law in colorado, as i had just moved here from nebraska, i got charged as a juvenile and was placed in a group home until my 18th bday just a few months ago. I was put on medicaid, and will have it until im 21 due to aging out of the system. When i went to see a pschiatrist about add meds. to help me concentrate better, and anti-anxiety meds. to help with night terrors, they put me on vyvance and clonadine. The med worked great, though i had to get my doses moved up due to obvious tolerance, after a few months they were both at ammounts that worked perfect for me and really helped my keep a schedule, and focus when it comes to educational courses. I got my g.e.d. on my birthday, believe it or not, and that was one of the happiest days of my life, (not trying to gloat, but im very intelligent and my score on the g.e.d. put me in the top 10 percentile of all graduating HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS in th u.s., not just other people with their g.e.d.’s, and am very proud of this accomplishment). So my provider, which is through medicaid, switched my psychiatrist and she just cold turkey took me off my meds. I tried going to other providers in the area and had her send my medical referance and records numerous times, and all of these providers have referred me back to the same place, where my psychiatrist works and they will not switch my psychiatrist. I am aware of what a drug alert is, and how deminishes your chances of getting ANY prescriptions in that whole state. I am not aware if this has been put on my record or not, but thats another issue. The point being, i genuinly need my meds, i just cannot function without them. I’ve lost several jobs because when i got to work, i work my ass off, and when i see someone slacking it pisses me off, and have blown up on people whom i should not be of my concern. This loss of my prescriptions has also caused me to inherit terrible social anxiety problems and my previous conditions are far worse than before, i am nearly agoraphobic and try to only leave my house when i need to. I also have been working with a couple of organizations who are helping me get into colledge this upcoming fall for business related classes, and are willing to pay full tuition for my schooling up until I get my bachalors degree, no student loans or anything along those lines. Through one of these programs ive also been offered the availibility of a 4-6 week internship at NOAA for an excellent referance on my resume. I have definitally turned my way of life around 100% since the incident in which i got in trouble, and have not been using drugs/alcohol nor have i stolen a single thing since then, (if i want something i work and buy it or go without). I am trying really hard to stay strong, because i would lose it if my inability to function in society without medication which im being denied hinders any of these life changing opportunities ive been presented with. I know that my healthcare is free so i cant be picky in these situations, but im not trying to be picky. I am just trying to figure out how to get back on my prescriptions so i can in turn be successful furthur down the road. Im slowly losing hope, and if you take the time out of your day to read this and could give me any possible solutions or any related feedback at all, i give you my sincere thanks. My email is [email protected]

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Answer by Narconon
Hi Bro, I totally understand your viewpoint.
I’m sure this is not what you want to hear. You really want these drugs! You’ve been on them for a long, long time, etc, etc. You really want to find somebody to hook you with your fix. You think you depend on them and want to believe it so hard that you have actually succeeded convincing yourself that you need them. I’m very sorry for yourself.

I’m not trying to be cruel. I’m trying to give you an option that does not include drugs and that you can live with and really live better than well.

I’m a graduate of the Narconon program and with me there were some addicts that I would consider hard-core. In comparison you would be a rookie. That’s what one of them called me after hearing my story of almost 20 years of addictions (I won’t go into details here).

I struggled for the last 5 years, trying to clean up. My life was sucking and getting worse. I tried at least 3 other rehabs before Narconon and all failed. I even tried to go to AA meetings and joined the Krishnas to see if doing something more spiritual would help me with all the anxiety, lack of concentration, sadness, lack of sleep and social withdrawal. None of these helped.

Luckily an ex-addict recommended Narconon. I tried it out of desperation but now I know that it was the luckiest day in my life. Now I know why the other programs do not work and why Narconon is the only program that could have worked for me.

This is the only program that is scientific, there is not one psych around to tell you what is wrong with you, they don’t give you drugs to get out of drugs, it is holistic, natural, educational and effective. I learned so many skills for life; there’s not one day that I do not use something I learned there to help myself, my family, friends and people I don’t know.

I learned how to feel comfortable in any situation without the use of drugs or mind tricks. I learned how to confront life.

Another thing that only Narconon or Narconon accredited organization gives you is the best detox in the world. This helps you get rid of all the drugs and toxins accumulated in the body through your life and it feels great when you are done. I felt like I used to when I was 8 years old.

Another thing that the detox does it to help you get rid of the cravings for drugs.

Anyway, like I said, this is not be what you wanted to hear, however it is a solution that frees you from crutches to go on living. This program helped me recover my integrity, self confidence and creativity. I have now been free of drugs for over 15 years, I have a healthy family and I’m a successful artist.

The power is in your own hands.

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  • Ibun says:

    If you really want to get more drugs into your system and gradually become a walking time bomb just lie and say that you are going crazy and they’ll put you on drugs (I really don’t recommend that).

    However I would be just another pusher, liar and care-only-for-myself if I recommended to you to do anything dishonest. I personally agree with the Narconon approach. Just get yourself 100% cleaned out and you will never have to depend on anything to be, do or have anything you want in life because you’ll be really free.

    I think I could not have said it better than the Narconon dude–I’ve been there and done that too but now I’m a new person and happier without the crutches of meds thanks to Narconon. You should give it a chance too. I left a link to a prescription drug rehab page.

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