Next Door but Invisible- the World of Homelessness and Drug Addiction


Next Door But Invisible- The World of Homelessness and Drug Addiction – *I don’t own this video. I’m uploading it in order to add captions to it since (and every other third party pulling from YouTube) is down .* Original here: “Penn medical anthropologist Philippe Bourgois and UC grad student Jeff Schonberg study the lives of homeless heroin addicts in San Francisco. SAS Frontiers, September 2009 ”


A Marijuana Revolt?

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“I know that there are trucks going down that freeway filled with marijuana,” says McKay, who until 2007 was western Washington's chief federal law enforcement official responsible for prosecuting drug crimes, including marijuana trafficking over the U …
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Advisers hail jail needle 'stand'

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The federal government's chief advisers on drug policy have praised the proposed ACT prison needle and syringe exchange program and called for a greater focus on treating drug abuse and harm minimisation measures in jails. The Australian … ''On any …
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