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Is My Husband an Alcoholic, Does He Need Treatment, and How Do I Handle It?

Question by : Is my husband an alcoholic, does he need treatment, and how do I handle it?
My husband and I have been married for 8 years. When we met he had 1 DUI. But he’s had 2 more, for a total of 3. The last one was about 5 years ago when he was 30. I never understood why I could drink a little and then stop, but he never could. Once he starts he can’t quit and come home at a decent time and not be completely wasted. Today he started drinking at 1pm during golf and then at the bar for a total of 13 hours. He doesn’t drive when he drinks anymore because of all the DUI’s, thank goodness that is one lesson he has learned. But he comes home and argues with me about anything. I can be asleep and he will start mumbling any random thing to start an argument. Sometimes I pretend to still be sleeping, other times I can’t resist to argue back just because I’m so fed up with it all. He ruined my birthday last weekend and embarrassed me in front of my friends. I rarely go out because I’m always home with our son, so when we do go out I like to have a good time, and the drunk fights he starts ruins it almost every time. Besides the binge drinking for hours at least one night almost every weekend, he also drinks 2-3 nights during the week. It’s anywhere from a couple beers to several. That wouldn’t concern me if it wasn’t for the added weekend binge drinking. His father and aunt were alcoholics and both died at early ages because of the disease. His friends all drink similar to what he does so it makes it hard to control unless I were to insist he not hang out with them. Which would not stop him, I know my husband, and would only cause additional issues. I do love him and want to be a family with him for our son. But all the years of this has also made me grown to resent him and on some level makes me unattracted to him. It worries me that when I think of leaving it doesn’t really upset me. When he’s sober we have a great time and he’s a great dad. But he does not think he has a problem at all and just likes to have fun. Does he and what can I do help family?

My Mother Has a Serious Drug Addiction Problem.?

Question by Mia R: My mother has a serious drug addiction problem.?
My mother has a serious drug addiction problem. This has put a strain on our relationship. I am conflicted between wanting to help and fearing the consequences.

What should I do in this personal problem? I live near Brewton, Alabama.

Any sources you can give to help would go a long way to solve my problem.

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Answer by Anthony 1980
Check out locating drug rehab medical centers near your area. Try the source sites focused on your city and state. Inquire about free help on how to start the process.

Substance Abuse Treatment Baltimore Md


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Bluefield College to Host Conference to Encourage Human Service Providers

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… Connie Cochran, M.A., licensed psychologist, director of business development for The Behavioral Health Pavilion of The Virginias, 8) Improving Mental Health Awareness: An Overview of Common Psychiatric Illnesses, Treatment and Barriers to Recovery …
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What Would Be Some Good Websites for Information on Drug Addicts to Answer These Questions…?

Question by Adam D: What would be some good websites for information on Drug addicts to answer these questions…?
Here are the questions we have to answer for the paper and searched and i foun dlike none of the answers.

-1)Why do drug addicts suffer under their specific type of poiverty?
how has society structured and organized itself to promote this type of poverty
the values and beliefs our society has ingrained within us that allows us for this poverty
the social behaviors that keep this group marginalized adn voiceless
2)How could society be changed to help eliminate this type of poverty
how society can be re-structured and reorganized to promote healtier living by this group
how to change the destructive values of our sicoiety into healthier beliefs that include drug addicts
how to promote healthy social behaviors that keep adn will lead to the betterment of drug addicts

Movie Title – Drug Addiction?

Question by punk_squirrel13: Movie Title – drug addiction?
I watched a movie last night but can’t remember the title at all.. I think it’s something like ‘Requsition of a Dream’?? Anyways, it’s about how people get hooked on speed and injections and such.. a grandmother tweeks out because she wants to lose weight, theirs killings, a guy loses an arm, and a girl does anything for money/drugs.

theirs also an older female actress who lost to Julia Roberts in Erin Brochivich in some award ceremony in hollywood

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Answer by Samuel B
Requiem for a Dream