Free Drug Abuse Help: Drug Abuse Treatment – Top 5 Lies That Stop Recovery

Drug detox and rehab treatments have been criticized for poor results or failing to disabuse someone of their . But what if 95% of the programs use methods prone to failure? The entire rehab industry might be getting a bad reputation because the methods most centers are using are failing, not because recovery isn’t occurring often enough.

Addiction may not be the biggest barrier to recovery.

The addiction is a disease belief makes no sense as it doesn’t even claim to end addiction.

Belief That Drug Abuse Is A Disease Creates Failure

“The disease concept has proven to be far more damaging to the substance abuser then anyone could have predicted. Therapists claim the disease concept helps the patient to understand the seriousness of [his/her] problems. But in reality, this idea has backfired. The disease concept strips the substance abuser of responsibility. A disease cannot be cured by force of will.” (Alcoholism: A Disease of Speculation, 2003)

Fact: The Addiction = Disease belief is failing as a rehab philosophy. More people end addiction on their own (80%) than are cured using the Disease Model (22%). The people who stopped on their own were abusing drugs, and got better results than those trying the Disease Model of Treatment.

Drug Abuse Treatment’s Top 5 Lies

Addiction is a disease that addicts are powerless over
Only 10% of addicts actually end their addiction
Once an addict, always an addict
Drug Abuse requires medical/counseling treatment = the addict needs drugs
Addict is not responsible for their actions

You should be easily able to see how these top 5 lies about addiction recovery stop successful treatment. Have you felt like, “Why even try to end an addiction if one has it for life? If only 10% get cured, whatever treatment program we try, we will probably fail anyway.”

Drug Abuse’s top 5 lies create apathy and breed inaction amongst those good people attempting recovery.

Why do the lies continue?

95% of the Addiction Treatment industry is run by facilities that use the Disease / Moral Models of Drug Rehab. Centers using these methods are paid for by Insurance companies and many are funded with public money.

Need I say more?

If You Want To End Addiction, What Now?

There are a number of drug rehab programs which are ending addiction. Guess what? They don’t use the disease / moral model of recovery.

As 95% of the drug rehab industry uses the disease model or moral model (12 Step) in treatment, it is no surprise that you may not have heard about successful methods of recovery. The better non-medical and non-12 Step centers average 75% longterm (1 – 2+ years) success.

There are drug abuse programs which actually end addiction.

Success from a recent social educational rehab program graduate

I started here with hate, anger and misunderstanding. I had withdrawn from society and had lost my faith and trust in humanity. After completion of this program, I am free from guilt, happy and I am able to start my new life, clean. I have a fuller understanding of the whys in life and the knowledge to be able to correctly and adeptly choose the right path for myself to discover true innocence in happiness.

The majority of people succeed in drug-free rehab facilities. Recovery is probable in a number of centers.

What questions should you ask when rehab center shopping?

Go to: Questions To Ask Of A Drug Rehab Program

Tibor A. Palatinus, CCDC, is the Director of a Drug / Alcohol Detox and Rehab Consultancy which specializes in Referring Clients to Drug-free Detox and Rehab Programs which End Addiction for Life.

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