Ask UNMC: Can Bath Salts Get You High?


Ask UNMC: Can bath salts get you high? – I’ve heard that people are using bath salts to get high. What is in bath salts? Ron Kirschner, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine College of Medicine University of Nebraska Medical Center


College Football Capsules: Judge refuses to delay Sandusky's trial

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Judge Pamela Ruest also listed items that were excluded from her order if they exist, including school records, internal notes, drug and alcohol treatment reports and medical information. Sandusky was charged in December with abuse of "Victim 10" that …
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Board to consider drug tests

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(AP) — A new policy on random of some students has been proposed for the Gering school district in western Nebraska. The school board was scheduled to consider the proposal at its meeting Monday evening. The proposal would establish …
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Creighton's GED prep program presses on

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She said she has moved past the unhealthy relationships and drug abuse that stalled her education. Her classmates have similar and familiar reasons: They didn't care about school earlier in their lives but grew up, wanted a better life and conjured up …
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5 Responses to Ask UNMC: Can Bath Salts Get You High?

  • TheMellowManatee says:

    He reminds me of that scientist from? the Simpsons

  • thunderhorse1000 says:

    the “bath salts” people are using are not actual bath salts, like the good doctor said this is essentially meth yet not as long lasting respect this illicit drug, overdoses are happening all the time cause people think they can blow down on this like coke its sad .. ex addict to meth who tried bath salts for my own factual evidence? It is not like coke, it is not like ecstasy, research this you all are dying and going insane due to these overdoses, i dont support it but i just want harm reduction

  • svartsaft says:

    thnx? for the tips

  • KripDrip says:

    people use nutmeg, paint thinner, airplane glue, computer duster, and huff gasoline to get HIGH too!


  • limowm says:

    Couldent? you explaine mdpv it’s effect, and long term use?

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