Letter Said We Have 3 Days to Evict. I’ve Lived Here for 20 Years!?

Question by : Letter said we have 3 days to evict. I’ve lived here for 20 years!?
I was wondering if you could help us with this matter. I had a child in 1991 and the father of the baby brought us to his house. We have lived here for over 20 years. He was an alcoholic and verbally, emotionally and physically abused us. About 6 years ago, I wised up and called 911. He told everyone he worked with that he was going to kill himself, the dog and us. His boss called me at work and we got him out of the home. Judge Gleason here in Omaha Ne, gave us a protection order against him and he did not come back into the home. Judge Gleason wrote on the order it did not matter who owned the home, he was to leave. We had taken him to Salvation Army to get help, which he refused to do. Relapsed again and again. He then inherited a sum of money and got himself an apartment. After borrowing money to his friends with drug problems and drinking his money away, he was then thrown out of his apartment. He came here and told us he was homeless. He slept here for about a month. He does not have a job, refuses to look for one. I feel he thinks everyone owes him something. We are afraid that he will come back here and be as he was before. He has been out of this house approximately 6 years now. I have kept paying all the bills and having fixed here what needed fixed. He has smashed up many furnishings that I had to replace. I have taken care of this house as best I can to try to make it a nice home. I received a phony notice the other day that stated I had 3 days to move out. My question to you is do I have any legal rights? What about all my property that has been destroyed? Our lives? I have filed bankruptcy twice due to all the medical bills I had because of his daughter. He never once paid on any of them. I had no other way out. Please help us. Thank you!

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Consult a lawyer via a free initial consultation.

He has to give you more than 3 days notice. And has to go to housing court to get an eviction. Check with the housing court to see if the notice is phony.

Who owns the home? He might not have the right to throw you out.

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