Where Can I Find Good Gov. Drug Treatment Centers?

Question by Drea: Where can I find good gov. drug treatment centers?
I’m a struggling single mother trying to get over my meth addiction. I’m willing to stay at a shelter that has outside resources for drug treatment–although that wouln’t be my ideal situation. My problem with finding a program (in a non-ghetto area “Yeah she’s off the drugs, but in the hospital from that drive-by) * l o l
Anyways, like I was saying I need a residential facility where my daughter is also able to stay with me.

Thanks for any info you can offer, as I’m going on weeks of research and pulling my hair out at this point.

~D r e a

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Answer by Jamie Lynn

There are several choices and advice things there.

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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (November 12, 2012) – Crossroads Centers and Kolmac Clinic — two of Maryland's oldest intensive outpatient treatment programs for alcohol and drug problems, announce they have joined forces beginning November 5, 2012.
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In a phase I, randomized, open-label study, vitreous haze improved at 6 months for 36% of patients who received the drug intravitreally, and for 42% of those given it subconjunctivally, Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed, MD, of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns …
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2 Responses to Where Can I Find Good Gov. Drug Treatment Centers?

  • peahi wahine says:

    You should check with the social servies agency in your state. They’ll pay for it and will not try to take your child away, if you’re concerned about that.

    If you’re on disability and have Medicare, you can go anywhere you want really.

    I’ve never heard of a rehab or treatment center that allows children. Part of recovery is focusing on you and just you so that you can get better. This is why family members are often not permitted to have contact with you for awhile.

    You need to find someone in your family who can take her or have the state find a licensed childcare provider maybe.

  • Rickydotcom says:

    Without knowing your city and state you can start with this website: http://dasis3.samhsa.gov/

    Another way is to Yahoo (or Google) your state’s department of health and search their website.

    Start there. I’d say good luck, but luck has nothing to do with recovery.

    There ARE some facilities in some states that provide care for women with children, there’s one here in my hometown and others in the State of Maryland!

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