What’s the Point of Going to Rehab if Over 80% of the Addicts Return to Their Addictions?

Question by QueenServilla: What’s the point of going to rehab if over 80% of the addicts return to their addictions?
I had a very bad cold so that I had the opportunity to watch A&E’s Intevention. Over 80% if not 90% of the addicts return to their addiction after they left rehab.

I’m beginning to wonder if rehab only works if the addicts admits themselves, not forced into going…

I placed this question in Mental Health, because from what I watched, ALL of the addicts had mental issues. Everything from child molestation to mental/physical abuse

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Answer by Tamaralynn B
But it still helps 10 – 20 percent – which is better than 0. 🙂

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10 Responses to What’s the Point of Going to Rehab if Over 80% of the Addicts Return to Their Addictions?

  • nikkyjx3 says:

    Rehab only gives you support and helps you start to get over whatever addiction you have. But once you’re out of rehab you’re on your own.

  • hotbod says:

    i suppose if the 10 – 20% actually come through its worth trying. its basically all about willpower and change of lifestyle!!

  • chiquinta_2000 says:

    We still needs some sorta of rehab because where else are addicts going to get their information, support and guidance.

    I think you gave yourself the answer when you said the addicts had mental issues. These issues are so extremely hard to work through. You may have given up the drugs but the underlying issues are still there. The drugs aren’t the problem, but are just being used as ‘therapy’ for these other issues. Both the mental health aspects and the addiction need to be tackled together and over a longer period of time than just a few days/weeks/months stay at a rehab.

    And the other person was right, if it helps 10% or 20%, then that’s 10-20% of people who are able to get back to a seemingly normal, productive life. They can help support those who they see with similar problems so I think rehab is still a positive.

  • ed r says:

    ,Its for the 10 to 20 % that do succeed,the people that return to their addiction were talked into it and did not want to do it

  • jo n jo says:

    rehab centers have many benefits :
    the most important one is giving a chance for the body to rest from the toxic effect of alcohol
    rehab centers job is trying to give a help and awareness to the patients. now the rest is up for the patients to decide whither to stop alcohol or not

  • A B says:

    I think you have a very good point. Of course, if 10-20% do manage to stay off their drug, it’s better than none, but addiction does usually (I would honestly think always) entail some psychological disturbance (you wouldn’t want to be numbed otherwise) and I have been very surprised by how much rehab has very minimal psychological intervention, and then you get out with no ongoing support. If ONLY they’d put a bit more money in so there was proper therapeutic support and, as you say, focus on the people who seriously WANT to stop.

    Unfortunately, the idea of putting lots of people through rehab helps the numbers game and people feel helpless to do anything about addicts except send them to rehab.

  • David M says:

    Being an addict in recovery I must say that a 10-20% chance of rehab working is better than nothing. Forcing an addict into rehab seldom works as the addict must realize and admit to themselves they are an addict and want to change their behavior before treatment will be successful.

  • rayroseimaging says:

    because if you have a disease which addiction most usually is you cannot cease fighting that disease.it’s alright to fail but it’s not alright to give up.

  • Mad_Theorist says:

    Depends what kindof rehab, but I’m told the Priory (famous UK one) has about a 33% success rate. They deal mostly with alcoholics, drug addicts and people with a bit of cash.

    People with underlying mental health issues are going to have many more problems to be honest as it’s much harder to fix stuff that’s laid down in your mind over years. Suspect most would be better off receiving mental health treatment first as you can’t just cover over the underlying cause and hope it all goes away.

  • Mike P says:

    in case you are among those 20 percent

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