What Are Your Thoughts on Drug Addict Being Considered as Handicapped?

Question by Craptacular Wonderment: What are your thoughts on drug addict being considered as handicapped?
Or how about these examples?

Veterans of war that feel they can no longer communicate with society the way they did before they went to war?

Children/Adults (over 18) that have graduated from foster homes without a sense of family within them, and can’t find their place in society?

Homeless and/or forgotten people – this could be a great many descriptions for the reasons of how and why…

Are these handicaps in your view? Why or why not?

Are there examples you would like to add to this list? Please do.
Allow me to further the details with this:

‘Handicapped and disabled’…. not certain which term is most politically correct..I prefer “differently abled”.. but that phrase hasn’t caught on yet as far as I know…such is life…

These people I have given examples of would be unable to be gainfully employeed in society due to each of their unique situations or circumstances.

What do you believe should be available to them in resources to ‘help them’, or should they be denied resources if you believe they are not disabled to perform in society other than by choice?

Best answer:

Answer by norm
None should be considered handicapped.

Now the drug addicts should qualify as brain dead.

Add your own answer in the comments!



Testament of Our Soldiers – ***WARNING: The song used, “Testament of a Soldier” by 4th25 uses strong language to convey our military’s frustration and anguish with the American people’s views on their service to this country by fighting in our war on terror. If strong language is offensive, please do not view.*** ***Disclaimer: I am not associated with the IAVA in any way besides being a receiver of their newsletters, a petition signer, and a donator. I use them as a reference at the end for anyone who would like to help the plight of our veterans. They make no affiliation with a political party OR an official view of why we should or shouldn’t be in Iraq or Afghanistan. They exist simply to help our veterans and to push for legislation for better care for our veterans.*** Some realities about our combat veterans and what they face and how you can help. www.IAVA.org Traumatic Brain Injury, suicide, depression, alcohol and drug abuse and lack of timely health care are some serious issues our soldiers returning from war face. They have given of themselves and sacrificed without question. It is time we, as a nation, come together to show our appreciation. “Support Our Troops” is more than a cute yellow bumper sticker to wear on your car. WARNING Any disrespectful comments that degrade or disgrace our soldiers will be promptly removed and you will be blocked.


Law Gives Veterans Better Options Than Jail

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The government also has an obligation to help heal veterans' mental and physical wounds. One way is … Military members' rates of prescription drug abuse quintupled between 2002 and 2010, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The most …
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Nine veterans complete 12-month program

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“If anybody deserves a second chance, and if anybody can succeed, it's our veterans,” he said. The graduates represented a wide range of ages and types of military service. They had been affected by troubles including substance abuse and domestic …
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31 Responses to What Are Your Thoughts on Drug Addict Being Considered as Handicapped?

  • capnjackgirl says:

    Overweight people
    People with eating disorders

    Are these all handicaps as well?

  • oneguy21 says:

    drug addicts make their own choices to get on drugs so there is no handicap there…..war vets yeah i am one and that shit can mess with ya…..the people from foster homes might think that yeah they had a home but the natural parents were not there so i could see why they cant find their way mental issues that are out of someones conscious controll can be a handicap……homeless and forgotten people dont have to be that way there are alot of opporunities in the world

  • flsred says:

    Handicap refers to an environmental barrier not a person.

    Disability is the appropriate term, as such, you have to look at the definition of a disability in Federal Law (ADA). Some cases qualify others don’t. My thoughts, NO!

  • mks 7-15-02 says:

    Not Really. – Being Handicapped Is Haveing Down Syindrome A Siezure Disorder. Mentel Retardation. Being In A Wheelchair Not Being Able To Speak Or Walk.

  • william.saunders says:

    At one time, drug addiction and alcoholism were considered a handicap and they were eligible to receive social security benefits to help with their recovery.

    But when our president’s daddy was president, that changed. I wish it would go back. Not everyone can afford to go to a private clinic to get healed. More public dollars should be spent to help them. Because otherwise, we will end up spending more on them from the things some of them steal to support their habit, and on the costs of housing them in prison.

  • suavemysoul says:

    your examples cannot be compared with addiction. any kind of addiction is a distraction for any level of pain, discomfort, or negative feeling. You like to shut your mind of present issues and focus on one and that gives you peace.

    It is a search for inner peace not handicap some people follow the bible word to word and live their life off it. They are not weak, they are just making life simpler for themselves and by doing that alone you get a lot of peace of mind, and you become happier individuals.

    the above three examples are people who have issues to deal with. if they get into addiction of some sort then they are not dealing with them the right way. in life one must prepare for the worst and move into things head on wat ever the out come of it, dont let it get to you. just follow where life takes you and be honest to your conscience.

  • FOO says:

    OK where i work, it’s a huge corp. and they consider obesity a disability!!! that’s bullsh**!!! i understand some people have thyroid problems or whatever but it is not a disability!!!! go on a freakin diet!!! i was pretty huge before, if i can do it, so can they…veterans, is a different story…unless u have been to war, u wouldn’t understand. they have seen some really horrible things and can’t be right in society. or they have been injured or wounded…drug addicts and alcoholics have no excuse…straiten up your life u looser…same with the homeless, who are usually addicts….LISTEN PEOPLE…IF U ARE ALIVE, LIFE IS GOOD!!! THERE IS HELP OUT THERE!!!! YOU JUST HAVE TO BE WILLING TO PARTICIPATE!!! STOP BLAMING OTHERS FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!! ONLY YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF DO THINGS!!!

  • kritikos43 says:

    There is not a living soul, who is not handicapped, in some way or another, we cannot all, do all things, Disabilities is another thing. Many disabilities enable to the point of no advancement, but a Handicap can be over come with a change of activities, training, and encouragement.

  • drfarfour says:

    They are no handicaps. They are just ppl going through a phase and they’ll get out of it soon . Whether they get out psychologically fine or not that depends on them. So, they must try their best to get out of thier ordeals. They must stick to something concrete and keep on living.

  • soldier041111 says:

    Hang in ? there Brother i feel your pain……….

  • gravity4religion says:

    Is the? song implying that people who don’t support the war in turn don’t support the troops?

  • smirl33 says:


  • sargentwolf says:

    what you said in the video beginning was true. there is a MAJOR stigma associated with getting mental help.
    i am a former member of the US Army and was forced into medical retirement because of getting help with my mental problems. last i heard, people in? my old unit were avoiding getting help because of what happened to me, they didn’t want to get forced out or retired as well.

  • sass225 says:

    and frankly it pisses me off when some loud mouth punk still living in his mom and dads basement says that my friends died for oil or corprate greed thats not why we fight its cause the man to our left and right is our brother and we fight because? the leadership y’all elected put us in a place were we had to kill or be killed.

  • sass225 says:

    My younger cousin did kill himself after losing his foot in afganistian.
    my friend jim is medicaly retired from army took him two years to get his va benifits
    I searched for vbieds for 4 years I know why I did it to save the lives of my countrymen I? used to tell new guys that we were a speed bump to slow down or stop an attack before it got close enough to take out a vital bulding full of americans.

  • bristertwister says:


  • 50CalRetaliate says:

    Never got PTSD, guess its something that depends on the individual. A couple in my batallion went home with it, its really not pretty and it royally fucked? up their families.

  • 50CalRetaliate says:

    This shits real so pay attention.?

  • WATRUSAYIN says:

    Great song! “how easily when we stand, you run” Remember the next person who plans to burn our flag, make sure? you’re wrapped around it first. SEMPER FI! -Cpl. Prado USMC

  • Redliner227 says:

    I know one guy who returned home the same day as my friend shot himself, the minute he stepped? off the base he killed himself. We need to support the troops.

  • meRyanP says:

    “you don’t have to? agree but atleast support us”


  • joeroy18 says:

    the army is changing alot, its getting alot better with time, look, when he come home after deployment he will be the happiest person alive for about three months, most people dont show symptoms till 8-12 months after you get back…he will be? fine im sure, take it from a soilder and a younger brother to 2 older soilders, deployments dont last as long as you think 🙂

  • malokoketu says:

    wow i dint knew that! do you know why he got kick out???

  • cypo47 says:

    best song? ever

  • 24sucks says:

    Who’s the soldier from? 2:06?

  • l4a4p4 says:

    I’m a mom of a19 yr old army soldier in Germany getting ready to be deployed we think to Afghanistan shortly. Was already scared for him, but now I’m terrified there will be substandard or even no help for him if needed. Wrote letters to my one senator and never even got a response that he received them. I’m new as a mom of a soldier so am? quite green, other ideas? I am indebted to you all for what you do for us, many us out here feel that way to, it just isn’t getting any news time.

  • USArmy203 says:

    OMG this song says sooo much.. Love it man and GREAT video! you couldn’t have done anybetter, very touching.. Tryin to inlist in the US Army right now, just? praying i can get past MEPS for the 2nt time..

  • xfightin4lifex says:

    hey dakillasurfa what group are you with, i? am with 3rd group myself…..

  • xfightin4lifex says:

    hey man im a soldier whos? been deployed 3 times, this is a guy who used to be in 4th 25 calvary regimient…big neal…he was kicked out of the army shortly after recording his album live from iraq…. you can get his shit from kazaa or limewire…. i def support him cause well he speaks on the truth

  • Jennifer Wachowski says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your hardships. I agree with you. They don’t care. Unfortunately my brother can’t afford private health care because he can’t work due to being injured not only mentally but physically and the VA is taking their sweet time with his? disability. In the meantime he has child support backing up because he isn’t “officially” disabled. The courts base his support on what he can “potentially” make. So sad. He’s selling stuff to get money for his kids. Praying 4 all.

  • redogsaper says:

    My brother waited for help and attempted suicide. He has served in over atleast six combat sits. Ive suffer from PTSD and I am getting better but through? private health. The worse is silence, No one understands what its like (WAR). Ive recovering from substance abuse, health issues and my wife just tells me to get over it. Bless our troops and there Famlies. Fuck the VA and Haji.

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