What Are Your Thoughts on Drug Addict Being Considered as Handicapped?

Question by Craptacular Wonderment: What are your thoughts on drug addict being considered as handicapped?
Or how about these examples?

Veterans of war that feel they can no longer communicate with society the way they did before they went to war?

Children/Adults (over 18) that have graduated from foster homes without a sense of family within them, and can’t find their place in society?

Homeless and/or forgotten people – this could be a great many descriptions for the reasons of how and why…

Are these handicaps in your view? Why or why not?

Are there examples you would like to add to this list? Please do.
Allow me to further the details with this:

‘Handicapped and disabled’…. not certain which term is most politically correct..I prefer “differently abled”.. but that phrase hasn’t caught on yet as far as I know…such is life…

These people I have given examples of would be unable to be gainfully employeed in society due to each of their unique situations or circumstances.

What do you believe should be available to them in resources to ‘help them’, or should they be denied resources if you believe they are not disabled to perform in society other than by choice?

Best answer:

Answer by norm
None should be considered handicapped.

Now the drug addicts should qualify as brain dead.

Add your own answer in the comments!



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