What Should I Say at My Brothers Drug Addiction Recovery Ceremony ? Please Help?

Question by : What should I say at my brothers drug ceremony ? please help?
My brother just finished his treatment for drug addiction and he is having a closing ceremony and my whole family Is going and he asked me to speek at it and I have no clue what to say I’ve never been to one of theese before and I’m really nervous

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Answer by Lord Zane Vorhis
Mention how he has changed, that your proud if him, support him etc.

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Jack Osbourne Drug Addiction Recovery – PROMIS – Jack Obscourne takes you to meet young recovering drug addicts. A story about how young people are addicts and how they and he got recovery. Visits 12-step treatment PROMIS in London. Uplifting hopeful.


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Doctors Seek Help, Not Jail for Drug Addiction http://t.co/43xUmMIl – by SolutionsLV (Solutions Recovery)


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Doctors Seek Help, Not Jail for Drug Addiction http://t.co/yF0n2OqL – by Solutions_Rcvry (Solutions Recovery)


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Just watched @rustyrockets show “From Addiction to Recovery” and a lot more needs to be done to help addicts become drug free, much respect. – by SatansRebel (Konner)


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18 Responses to What Should I Say at My Brothers Drug Addiction Recovery Ceremony ? Please Help?

  • Nick M says:

    Don’t be nervous. Other people might be speaking about their families too.
    If it will be good to do: You could talk about how your brother was before the rehab, and how he is now. You could talk about what could have happened in the past regarding his addiction. Feel free to get emotional..others probably will.

    Maybe you could talk about how thankful for his rehabilitation you are.

  • lil butterfly says:

    I would give him praise for choosing a healthier life for himself. Tell him how proud you are of his decision and remind him that you are “here” for him. Unconditional love is so important. Words can encourage or destroy hope, so choose words that will bless him on his way. What a wonderful opportunity to give encouragement. Speak from your heart, forgiving him, and look forward to the family gatherings that he will be a part of in the future.

  • Ryan Ceis says:

    thank god for the 12 steps!! alot of people do not understand what it means to be a drug addict or alcoholic. it was through the 12 steps that i learned what was wrong? with me and what needed to be done to recover. we addicts and alcoholics have lost the power of choice in whether or not we will use chemicals. its not a matter of “just not drinking/using” it is not that simple at all. for the real alcoholic to recover they must work steps. Serenity springs recovery center will help you do this!

  • MrTheEvilgerman says:

    Send Jack Osbourne over to NARCONON? a nice place for him.

  • MrTheEvilgerman says:

    At 2:00 min
    What a? beautiful women she is !

  • ShadowFMX says:

    Best anti-drug propaganda message he could promote:
    “So? remember kids,stay from drugs or end up like me!”

  • 00BuCkErZ00 says:

    I like? what kelly said “do what you want, but realise if you play you pay”

  • CanadianChronic2121 says:

    ” a bit of crack? ”

    LOL sounds so funny coming from an english girl

  • telemetry9 says:

    Britain is going down the road of economic fascism. And people denied truth of our world by the “news”.
    I wonder if I could challenge status quo and notions that may? be evolved from deception and ignorance. At the very least for your children and for all of us – we are in danger from what we are denied.
    Please watch Dr Gabor Mate here on youtube. A number of interviews challenge the dubious nature of peddled “reality”. Please? – for the vulnerable – wake up.
    “there is hatred in ignorance”.

  • katarinagiselle says:


  • nud556 says:


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  • Intoactionrehab says:

    Just glad that famous people like Jack Osbourne come to? open about his addiction. Good example to be emulated

  • rhcprxbandits says:

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  • ElodieYoung says:

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  • Roro82 says:

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