Internet Addiction?

Question by Jon L: Internet Addiction?
What kind of games or stuff online that make people become addicted?
And is it true that someone died from playing on the computer too long? Please help!
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Answer by updownpump
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And now the answer to your question…

Things online that make people become addicted.

-Runescape (1 million + are addicted)


– Multiplayer Games (Yahoo, Pogo, etc.)

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China Internet Addiction – China has cemented its position as the world’s largest Internet population, with the number of Internet users reaching a staggering 300 million at the end of 2008, according to the China Internet Network Information Centre. But there is a downside. At a newly created Internet centre, Cheng Jiawei had to finish one last exercise of arranging toy figurines in a sandpit, a way her doctors could understand how her mind worked. Once spending 15 hours a day in Internet cafes, Cheng’ arrangements toned down after two and a half months at China’s largest Internet addiction treatment centre. [Cheng Wei, Patient]: “When I played video games, I believed that I was one character in the games. I made ‘friends’ playing video games that I couldn’t make in real life.” Cheng’s family spent 3700 dollars on the treatment, while some 60 children are in the treatment centre. Tao Ran founded China’s biggest Internet addiction treatment centre, and is now looking for additional space as more people knock on the door for help. [Tao Ran, Director]: “There are more than 200 organisations offering treatment for internet addiction in China now. If it weren’t for the fast increase in the number of these hospitals, we would have many more people coming here for help.” The treatment does not come cheap – each patient pays about 1500 dollars (USD) a month, sometimes staying for up to three months. Many are referred to psychotic hospitals for various medical conditions, including


Internet addiction to be declared a mental disorder

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Children addicted to the internet could soon be classed as mentally ill, it has been claimed. … The diagnosis will include those who are addicted to their smartphones as well as using tablet computers or desktop machines. … from Swinburne …
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ABQJournal Online » ‘Internet Addiction’ a Mental Illness? via @abqjournal FOR HELP – by AddictionAust (Addiction Australia)


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@ellieharvs we need mental help for this shopping/spending addiction !! What did you get off the internet!? – by Sophsmith_ (Sophie Smith)


From Twitter:

All i do all day is internet shop. Some one help me get over my addiction D; #ITSRREALLYBAD. – by Sapphire_Thawe (Sapphirelikethestone)



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  • The Mao Edge says:


  • Yokihana says:

    Games, particularly MMORPG’s such as World of Warcraft, Runescape, pogo and other site games. But its not just games that have people becoming addicted to the internet, its can be anything, some worse than others. Some people get addicted to myspace, facebook, ebay, forums, yahoo answers, porn, anything you can think of.

    And yes, its very true that people have died from playing the internet too long. Not that long ago a boy in China died and a year or two ago a boy in Korea, they didn’t eat, sleep or anything it was solid 24-hour computer runs.

    In my public speaking class last semester we did a paper on internet addiction, some of the stories we read in class were awful, everything from flunking out of college to marriages breaking up, betrayals…the internet can be a good thing or a bad thing, depening on how you use it.

  • kosolouch says:

    This what we use? to counter act internet addictions w w w baramay dot com

  • applegamer12345678 says:

    Due to? addiction CHINA BANNED YOUTUBE Noooooooo!

  • mx013 says:

    Lol? psychotic hospital.

  • LearningAsIGo80 says:

    Hahaha so fucking stupid.?

  • JunebugOwner101 says:

    Yes, because everything is? a mental illness. Of course.

  • Leekduck says:

    No it is an Australian? accent

  • Esoparagon says:

    No, that’s a British accent. lol. I hope? you were trolling.

  • MrBoblebob says:

    here you go brain-washing on a can.?

  • imita01 says:

    You know what none of these kids do…… smoke a? joint…

  • Icix1 says:

    So, what’s going to happen when they get out? Internet again, surrounded by your? friends talking about some new game or some funny video. They’re going to go back to their old ways.

  • loveuropehateracism says:

    …. I want to be? Cheng Wei’s friend…D:

  • NizzoniT0023 says:

    Just get a boyfriend? gg.

  • kristallklar1 says:

    “Psychotic hospitals?” LOL. I? think you need to check the dictionary.

  • groam6666 says:

    Wow, talk about a waste of taxpayer money.?

  • MrsBirminghamInHell says:

    At :55 ‘Cheng Wei’ says she couldn’t make certain types of friends in real life?
    That’s very weird , cause she is a very pretty? girl.

  • Tokyorosebiz says:

    Check out My Place by Tokyo Rose and you will be pleased you? do not have a Facebook Account

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