Outpatient Drug Rehab


Outpatient Drug Rehab – Outpatient Drug Rehab – Supporting recovering addicts as they take back their lives. (877) 903-2532 www.therecoveryplace.net Outpatient drug rehab at The Recovery Place kept Jim from being “thrown back to the wolves.” Jim explains, “Before, in other facilities, I finished the treatment for 30 days and they sent me home. I did not have any coping skills, and I fell right back into bad habits. But with the transition into The Recovery Place’s outpatient program I was still under continuing care with the treatment center. I was just not ready to jump right back into regular society.” In other attempts at recovery at other treatment centers, Jim spent 30 days in a residential drug treatment program and was discharged with no back-up support. The outpatient drug rehab program team at the Recovery Place helps clients transition back into their lives in a supportive and more structured way. Jim’s been clean for 3 years now.


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Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment Centers – Outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction of… http://t.co/xv2tcENg – by AmbrosiaTC (Ambrosia)


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