What Would Be Some Good Websites for Information on Drug Addicts to Answer These Questions…?

Question by Adam D: What would be some good websites for information on Drug addicts to answer these questions…?
Here are the questions we have to answer for the paper and searched and i foun dlike none of the answers.

-1)Why do drug addicts suffer under their specific type of poiverty?
how has society structured and organized itself to promote this type of poverty
the values and beliefs our society has ingrained within us that allows us for this poverty
the social behaviors that keep this group marginalized adn voiceless
2)How could society be changed to help eliminate this type of poverty
how society can be re-structured and reorganized to promote healtier living by this group
how to change the destructive values of our sicoiety into healthier beliefs that include drug addicts
how to promote healthy social behaviors that keep adn will lead to the betterment of drug addicts

i have no idea what any of this means, adn if someone could give me some refernences it would help out a lot.

Best answer:

Answer by toxdoc333
Websites considered authoritative for drug addiction include the National Institute on Drug Abuse (www.nida.gov) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (www.niaaa.gov). However, as an addictions expert, I can tell you the questions you were given really don’t make much sense. Drug addicts don’t suffer under any specific type of financial poverty. Drug addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor you can and will become addicted to certain drugs if you keep using. Money or lack of money (poverty) does not cause addiction.

It’s ridiculous we have “structured and organized” our society to promote poverty for drug addicts. That is crazy talk. The US government spends billions of dollars to stop the flow of drugs into the US (but apparently not at the US-Mexican border), millions of dollars on prevention – most of which is focused on inner city schools, and millions of dollars in research treatment to addicts.

Addicts are not a marginalized and voiceless group. They have very loud and strong advocates in the addiction community. Read Dr. Carl Erickson’s Voices of Addiction series published in the premier journal Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research, or one of his books. He is a strong voice for the addiction community as are many scientists and physicians.

We can change society to teach people not to use addictive drugs, channel their time and energy and teach values (making good decisions, having positive role models, etc.)- something that is strongly missing from many families.

The basis of most treatments requires that the addict wants to be helped and works to achieve that goal. Only then can a healthy lifestyle happen. It makes no sense to change the view of society to accept and include addicts as addicts. Addicts need help, compassion and treatment but they need to get conquer their addiction

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