Adderall Prescriptions Increased 750 Percent; Addiction to Attention Deficit Disorder Drug


Adderall Prescriptions Increased 750 Percent; Addiction to Attention Deficit Disorder Drug – All over America there are moms in the shadows drowning in their daily responsibilities and turning to the prescription drug Adderall for relief. Adderall is a drug for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but these women don’t have ADHD; they say they need Adderall to be better mothers. Between 2002 and 2010, there’s been a 750 percent increase in Adderall prescriptions for women between 26 and 39. Critics say clearly not all of these women need the drug for ADHD. ABC News spoke with Betsy Degree from suburban Minneapolis, who started taking the prescription drug to keep up with the demands of being a mother of four. “I grew up in a house where my mom was very neat,” she said. “Everything was really clean, beautiful dinners every night and that didn’t come naturally for me.” Several years ago, one of Degree’s children was prescribed Adderall, a central nervous system stimulant, for ADHD. In a moment of desperation she stole a pill from her own child and the addiction was almost immediate. Join ABC News’ Dr. Richard Besser at 7 pm ET for a Twitter chat on Adderall abuse. Follow the chat and participate using the hashtag#abcDrBchat. For more on this story:


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Medtronic Wants Drug Industry Partners for Alzheimer's

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8 Responses to Adderall Prescriptions Increased 750 Percent; Addiction to Attention Deficit Disorder Drug

  • PRDTRBLK says:


  • thestig110 says:

    I can’t stop laughing, this is just hilarious. A nurse taking 10 adderal? The stupidity here is epic. “I just switched? to meth.” YAY!

  • irgendwann mal says:

    Adderall made me delusional… focalin tabs work great for me though but this shit isn’t always good for people? even with ADHD…

  • theycallmelizzy1 says:

    it’s this kinda behavior that pisses me off because people that really do need the medicine have a hard time getting it because doctors are gonna be hesitant about prescribing it for them. I know from experience not because I take adderall but I do take anxiety meds which my doctor? was hesitant to prescribe me because people misuse it.

  • PigMine2 says:


  • storm1086 says:

    yeah, that’s? right use a video as an excuse to argue for the legalization of pot

  • John Gehrke says:

    No one is perfect – why criticize? Addicts have? my sympathy and hopefully they seek help, as help is available. Denial is very powerful and subtle, and the cycle of guilt, shame and remorse can cycle down into depression slowly and without awareness.

  • blackriflex39 says:

    wtf? ppl are stupid! legalize weed might as well

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