Young Omaha Couple on Crystal Meth Lost in a Snowstorm Dies Despite 4 Hours of 911 Calls


Young Omaha Couple on Crystal Meth Lost in a Snowstorm Dies Despite 4 hours of 911 calls – Janelle Hornickel and Michael Wamsley. I wish I knew more about them and I am saddened they were immortalized by this mistake. Bigoted comments demeaning with insults, etc will not be tolerated. Save your mocking of human beings somewhere else. Tragic and unforgettable. Yes they were stupid but this haunts me still. These were not methheads, but young kids who deserved a chance to correct a mistake. Meth is EVIL. This clip needs to be online. Omaha, NE Nebraska USA


48 Hours Features Omaha Native Accused of Murder

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Brian's story is that Felicia, a frequent abuser of the party drug GHB, had overdosed; and in terms of her battered body said he hadn't inflicted those injuries – Felicia had done the fatal damage herself in a drug-induced frenzy. At trial, the …
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Contract calls for firefighters to contribute more to pension, benefits

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Omaha City Council negotiators and the Omaha fire union's leadership have tentatively agreed on a new labor contract, raising hopes for an end to one of the city's most contentious political debates. The deal would cost city taxpayers less than a …
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Royals trade Jeremy Jeffress to Blue Jays, according to agent

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He had a 4.97 ERA in 58 innings pitched for the Royals' Triple-A affiliate in Omaha, Neb. and owns a 4.31 ERA and 1.42 WHIP in 421.2 minor league innings pitched over seven seasons. Jeffress, who has been suspended twice for drug offenses, passed …
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4 Responses to Young Omaha Couple on Crystal Meth Lost in a Snowstorm Dies Despite 4 Hours of 911 Calls

  • jerzeytpke says:

    NO ONE was MOCKED I said it was? SAD and it was SAD

  • jerzeytpke says:

    Maybe this was before GPS that? can be traced to ones location was on cell phones>? Those poor kids…………..

  • stevesoberski says:

    I remember this story, I live in? Lincoln. It was very, very sad watching this. Thanks for putting this together.

  • DymondAnkh says:

    This is extremely tragic and sad, but something everyone should see, especially our Youth! I will be sharing this too. My prayers are with their families, as they still deal with this regularly. Peace to all?

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