Would Legalizing Marijuana Increase Consumption?


Would Legalizing Marijuana Increase Consumption? – Complete video at: fora.tv A panel of advocates debate the potential effects of marijuana legalization on consumption rates of the drug. Cannabis activist Richard Lee argues that legalization decreases marijuana use, while RAND’s Beau Kilmer points out a common misconception related to that argument. —– Will California become the first state to legalize the production and sale of marijuana? November ballot measure Proposition 19 would allow local governments to choose whether and how to regulate and tax marijuana. Some are concerned about legalization’s effect on consumption and public health, while others tout the potential boon to city and state coffers. Besides the jaw-dropping estimated retail price decrease from 0 to per ounce, nothing is really certain about the potential impact of Prop 19. Get informed before the vote — don’t miss advocates of both sides arguing the pros and cons of pushing pot through the legal pipeline. – Commonwealth Club of California Beau Kilmer is codirector of the RAND Drug Policy Research Center. His primary fields of interest are illicit markets, community corrections, drug treatment, and the future of drug testing. Kilmer’s recent work focused on measuring the size of the global drug market for the European Commission and developing indicators to measure the impact of drug enforcement in Europe. His current work focuses on identifying the community-level effects of drug treatment and assessing the cost-effectiveness of an


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14 Responses to Would Legalizing Marijuana Increase Consumption?

  • tgseason12 says:

    I am very certain that usage of marijuana would increase if you made it legal. But only for a while, a few years perhaps (forbidden fruit, all of a sudden right there, ready to be handed to you for a few? bucks). The usage would most likely drop to normal levels after a while though.

  • MrTwistOG says:


  • greycloud24 says:

    if the price of marijuana dropped to $40 per ounce than the government could easily offset this by charging a 400% tax rate increasing the price to $200 per ounce. i think that there would be lots of puchasing still, and? the government would make out like a bandit while the people were still happy. no funding prison cells for marijuana users, decreased costs in all legal aspects round this off to make everyone but the criminals happy.

  • krustyjedi says:

    and by the way, who said smoking marijuana is a problem? o,0, is at simple as if you like smoking smoke it, if you dont like it dont do it. let us think for ourslefs what? is good or not to do with our bodies.

  • alamerga123pdm says:

    simple, pot makes billions of dollar a year, kills no one, legal drugs kill millions, why not cash in all that money pot makes every year and use it for good stuff? imagine how better lifestyle would be with the? legal use of this drug !! legalizing it would be some of the best ideas ever

  • Alkeex says:

    Just one problem. Whatever what country you live in, it’s not anywhere? near a free country.

  • Sin1Creations says:

    ignorance? and stalling

  • nonassumsit says:


    The real problems you don’t understand the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL.

    The issue is the language.

    de·le·gal·ize – To revoke the legality of

    , and everyone saying we should make Marijuana legal is ignorant and stupid, and don’t know about what they are? saying.

    Marijuana is already legalized that’s why it is illegal to use it, and that is the VERY ISSUE.

    Is what people should say is that they want to DE-LEGALIZE MARIJUANA.

    Its illegal to use but not unlawful

  • xEmperorOfTheSun says:

    He’s avoiding the? whole point. If politicians are considering legalizing marijuana then why do consumption rates even matter?? Also what is so bad about society in the 70’s, where waving a PEACE sign was common gesture? He’s beating around the bush.

  • PaulBlartMallCop1 says:

    That’s as far as I can remember, btw, I can’t really be sure that I’m remembering those prices? correctly. Perhaps someone who lives in the netherlands or who has been there more recently can clue us in on exactly what the prices are. Plus, this guy says that he indeed doesn’t know what the shape of the demand curb looks like.

  • PaulBlartMallCop1 says:

    The guy downplays the netherlands’ legal status. It is basically the same as if it was legal, and that includes a MUCH lower price. I went there in 2006 and it was 6 euros for 2 grams of white widow (your basic strain, but very decent quality). Comparable strains where i live can easily cost you 20 dollars for .8 of a gram. That’s less than one fifth of the price, and yet their use is still half of America’s.?

  • stonevrscx says:

    they keep funding terriorest?

  • Davetech23 says:

    CORRECTION: Opps… I have just found out that there are, indeed, some carcinogens present in marijuana smoke; however, extensive studies have concluded that there is some mechanism which prevents these carcinogens from causing cancers even in heavy marijuana smokers. They also found no? decrease in lung function.

  • Davetech23 says:

    Oh my! They are afraid that people may quit ingesting a toxic liquid that causes organ damage, mental impairment,? loss of motor control, has severe social consequences and the effects have to be slept off; and instead start using something that is relatively benign, contains no carcinogens, lasts two or three hours, and appears to have cancer fighting abilities.

    Oh yeah, it might be hard to tax and a lot of fat cats might not be able to peddle their poison so marijuana would be bad.For THEM!

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