Why Are There So Many Drug Rehabs and Treatment Centers in Florida?

Question by adilene d: Why are there so many drug rehabs and treatment centers in Florida?
I’ve heard that these are even the best in the country. I was just wondering why, and why in Florida, of all the states.

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Answer by destinee d
Florida is permeated with a lot of drug rehabs and centers due to the fact that lots of types of drugs are present in that state. The common types of drugs that perpetuate Florida are: ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, and club drugs, among others. Because Florida possesses these drugs in alarming numbers, the government made it a point to build drug treatment centers that aim to be of help to the individuals who happen to be addicted. That way, these people can get their life back and steer themselves away from further drug usage.

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  • Abraham Lincoln says:

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