Who Out There Can Give Me a Little Insight to the Social Services Field. What Do You Do on a Daily Basis?

Question by shannwater: who out there can give me a little insight to the social services field. what do you do on a daily basis?
I am trying to decide what to go to school for and social services seems to be pulling at me. But what specific field should i go into? Addictions, families, children, elderly? I am looking for some advice from people already in those general fields who can tell me the ‘goings on’ of their jobs. Is the pay worth the stress and self fullfilment of helping people? Any advice at all would be helpfull as i dont even fully know if i want to study this field. i bet knowing another language, i.e. spanish, would help incredibly. Thank you!

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Answer by solid.rockllc
Firstly go to:http://online.onetcenter.org/ and search on Social Services..that will give you a better idea of specific job catagories exist within that field.

More importantly you ( and eveyone else) need to determine why you think you want this field. I am a career counselor at a major mid-western university since 1985 and you need to undrestand that about 80% of everyone working in the world hates what they do…but they were “interested” in something at one time. “Interests” change over a lifetime…your Personality does not..take a Myers-Briggs Personality test then when you discover you never changing personality type you can match careers that are naturals for that type…it is possible Social Science is a good one for your type…but if you don’t know your type how can you be sure. Go to: http://www.personality-power-for-everyday-living.com and take the free Myers-Briggs test that is there…while there you can also check into careers that match you type!! Be safe not sorry!
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