What Are Some Interview Questions I Can Ask a Foundation About Over the Counter Drug Abuse With Teens?

Question by : What are some interview questions i can ask a foundation about Over The Counter Drug Abuse with teens?
i’m going to email this guy that is in charge of the foundation but i need more question to send him, i have a couple but i need more! so i can get more info to put into my news article that is Due NEXT WEEK! help**

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Answer by Hope
The medications that teens abuse, what sorts of results from the drugs are teens seeking?

What are the top 10 over the counter drugs teens abuse?

Are you aware of any specific people in your life who are abusing OTC drugs?

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Young Women and Drug Abuse – FOX 9-TV interviews Hazelden’s Medical Director, Dr. Joe Lee, regarding young women and drug abuse. Young women have higher rates of mental health issues than boys and need special care. Girls have just as high rate of addiction as boys, and are more prone to depression and eating disorders. Dr. Lee explains the expansion of Hazelden’s Youth and Families in Plymouth, Minnesota. For more information about Hazelden, please visit www.hazelden.org or call 800-257-7810. For more about Hazelden’s youth treatment please visit www.hazelden.org


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