Teenage Drug Abuse Statistics


Teenage Drug Abuse Statistics – Teenage drug abuse statistics at www.drug-aware.com. How many young people use drugs? Have a look at http for additional information. There are a variety of places you can look at for figures, however one of the best are the ones presented by the British Home Office. The Home Office question approximately 20000 younger people every other year to work out exactly what modern society is doing. They’ve identified, based upon the surveys conducted, that an estimated Half of all 16-29 year olds used drugs during the last 12 months. However, if that’s lowered to a marginally younger age range of sixteen – twenty four year olds it works out that 1 in 5 have tried drugs in the last calendar month. However, if that is taken down even further, a survey performed by the National Health Service, of well over 40000 young people, they found that by the age of 15 twenty-seven percent of children have already taken drugs. At the age of thirteen 9% had previously taken drugs and at age eleven four percent had tried drugs. For additional info on this, please have a look at www.drug-aware.com.


WSCC to offer drug-free workplace seminar

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“Alcohol is very accessible, and many alcoholics do not consider themselves in the same category as a drug abuser. Bosses may not consider alcohol a drug, either, but statistics show its use causes a significant loss of productivity,” Williams said.
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N.J. detects drop in 2 designer drugs

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Statistics tracked by the New Jersey Attorney General's Office suggest that use of the designer drugs known as bath salts and synthetic marijuana has significantly declined since the state recently banned them. Reports of bath salts to New Jersey's …
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