The Truth About Homeopathy?

Question by : The Truth about Homeopathy?
The First U.S. Homeopathic School
Students of Hahnemann founded the first homeopathic medical school in the United States in the late 1800’s. It gained recognition because of its success in treating the many disease epidemics rampant at the time — including scarlet fever, typhoid, cholera and yellow fever.
The school’s method of treatment became very popular in the early 1900’s. At that time, there were 22 homeopathic medical schools, 100 homeopathic hospitals and over 1,000 homeopathic pharmacies. Boston University, Stanford University and New York Medical College were among those educational institutions that were teaching homeopathy. However, it was not long after this period of time (in the early 1920’s) that many of the schools closed — mostly due to the decline of homeopathy’s popularity which was greatly effected by the American Medical Association. This was also around the time when modern drug companies began releasing drugs that were easy to administer to patients, a trend that also contributed to the decline of homeopathy.

The Homeopathic Resurgence
Although the United States experienced a dwindling interest in homeopathy in the 20th century, other nations, including countries in Europe and Asia, were experiencing a steady growth of homeopathic teachings and interest.
Today, nearly all French pharmacies sell homeopathic remedies and medicines; and homeopathy has a particularly strong following in Russia, India, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, England, and South America.
Homeopathy is also rising again in the United States. This resurgence has been documented by the National Center for Homeopathy in Virginia, which stated that Americans spent 230 million dollars on homeopathic remedies in 1996. It has also been said that sales are rising rapidly at about 12 – 15% each year.
Doctors, scientists, researchers, corporations and the general public are all responsible for the accelerated expansion in the interest of homeopathic products, research and educational initiatives.
Homeopathic Training in the U.S.
A homeopath must undertake many years of study and clinical experience. Homeopaths can be medical doctors, and in the United States, many homeopaths are also chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths, nurse practitioners, dentists and veterinarians.
Many training programs exist in North America today. See our Directory for a list of homeopathic schools, organizations and other providers. The National Center for Homeopathy (NCH), in Alexandria, Virginia, can provide an updated list of new and developing programs in the United States.

Homeopathy Suppliers
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Answer by Rhianna does medicine year 2
First, you said, “any comments welcomed” So, why have you blocked us skeptics from answering? What are you afraid of?

A few things:
1.Homeopathy does not work;
2.Homeopathy never “treated” scarlet fever, typhoid, cholera and yellow fever. Although given that cholera causes dehydration….
3..Homeopathy was “invented” in a pre-scientific era. Science left it behind because it did not stand up to scrutiny. Deal with it.
4.The decline in homeopathy’s popularity is directly related to the fact it does not work. In the end, people will go with what works.
5. That homeopathy is still popular amongst some does not demonstrate efficacy. People are stupid. Look at religion.
6.Your question is in dire need of evidence.

Finally, you don’t even know what homeopathy is. So the better question is, why do you advocate something you don’t understand?

And I do believe advertising is against Y!A T&C.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!



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