Does Anyone Know of a Drug Rehab Center in Kitts Hill, Ohio?

Question by Allison: Does anyone know of a drug rehab center in Kitts Hill, Ohio?
Hello! I’m Allison. I’m looking for a drug rehab center for my boyfriend. He has a problem with beanies – before I thought he was cheating on me but then I discovered that he’s just into drugs. I know I should have left him months ago but I just can’t – I love him, what can I do? Now I’m looking for a drug rehab center, preferably in Kitts Hill, Ohio, because he agreed to enter. Help us, will you? Thanks.

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Answer by Christie L

go to that link

What are beanies? I’m an addict in recovery, have not used in over 2 years.

Until he can get to detox/rehab, please go to NA meetings. Here’s their number 1 800-922-6587 24 hrs. or look up narcotics

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