Snorting Heroin Leads to the Needle / Educational PSA Video


Snorting Heroin Leads To The Needle / Educational PSA Video – Snorting Heroin Leads To The Needle / Educational PSA Video. Public Service Announcement in the public domain. Heroin (Diacetylmorphine) Information: Heroin is the common name of a substance known by the chemical name, diacetylmorphine. Heroin is synthesized from morphine, and morphine is synthesized from opium produced by the plant known by the botanical name Papaver Somniferum (common name opium poppy). Rather than being a different drug, heroin is a method of preparing morphine so that it is absorbed more efficiently by the human body, when injected. If heroin is injected into a human, more morphine will reach the brain than it would if the same amount of morphine were injected. Injecting about 5mg of heroin will produce the same results as injecting 10mg of morphine. Heroin can also be snorted, smoked, or taken orally. However, these other routes of administration are not recommended. They are not as efficient and most of the drug is wasted. If you are not going to inject heroin, an equal amount of morphine will produce similar results. When it is not injected, the heroin is usually totally metabolized by the human body before it can affect the amount of morphine that reaches the brain. So the effects of heroin are nearly the same as an equivalent amount of morphine when snorted, smoked, or taken orally. The time it takes to feel the effects depends on the method of administration. Snorting heroin results in onset within 10-15 minutes. Smoking heroin results in an


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19 Responses to Snorting Heroin Leads to the Needle / Educational PSA Video

  • daFattylover says:

    Everything’s warm and fuzzy when you’re banging? smack. lol

  • j0nnyism says:

    If needles are dangerous why do doctors use them routinely If opiates are dangerous why do doctors prescribe them routinely. The real? danger is the other crap criminals bash heroin with. Its the govts criminalising drugs that killing people

  • j0nnyism says:

    no it doesnt? lead to the needle YOU lead to the needle this is the worst fuckin evil lying scare tactics I know

  • scradincunt says:

    yea it’s even more dangerous injecting yourself with a? ten foot long needle in the stomach…in the dark while plungeing into an abyss haha some drugs are bad mmmmkay

  • willytopsider1 says:

    Ya, f heroin, and whoever? assisted us in trying it for the first time!!

  • willytopsider1 says:

    I snorted heroin for 10 years, and ONLY snorted it. Didn’t make me ever want to pick up? a dirty needle.

  • retrogawd says:

    There may be facts to? suggest that snorting heroin can lead to injecting it. But the guy alone in the dark with a freely swinging lightbulb, snorts heroin and then plunges into a sea of dark water. That’s not the cold hard facts. Can’t the facts be warm and fuzzy too?

  • rmcdaniel423 says:

    I think addiction is not just about the substance. I think there are certain people that just happen to have personalities which are pre-disposed to addictive behavior. That explains why some people? go off the deep end and destroy their lives, while others simply experiment and eventually move on.

  • ZombieDog69 says:

    yh? the only things i will do is drink,smoke, and pills, im to scared to snort and inject shit in me

  • IVIikeH0nch0 says:

    i got hooked purely from snorting.
    Too much of a scared pussy when it comes to IV use. I could snort a Gram a day though, mexican brown.
    Those days? are long gone though. Went Cold turkey about a year ago. I just stick to MJ now.

  • Georgie2500 says:

    Hey? everyone, I too am an? opiate addict. I was using IV heroin everyday for over 4 years. I got on suboxone at first without insurance and had to pay $7 per pill for 90 pills per month plus Dr. fees, which cost a lot per month just to stay clean. I’ve since gotten great insurance which allows me to get all my suboxone for free? and I have? a lot of extra suboxone scripts left over. I am willing to help anybody out who wants to get?? clean but doesn’t have the? funds to do it. Msg me, thanks..

  • DieserBenuterIstCool says:

    Fuck heroin. Worst shit ever.?

  • HorticultureShow says:

    I took a Tomato & placed it on the kitchen table. I called my kids n & gave them some goggles to put on & told them both to watch. After I said that, I told them, “this is what happens to your life if you PLAY, TRY or even get involved in using drugs”. Then i took the wooden meat mallot & smashed that tomato on the cutting board really hard. The pieces flew everywhere of course landing all over the place. I made them clean it up & compared it to how? thier lives would be IF they lived thru drugs.

  • DougglesMagnificent says:

    what happens actually is that snorting doesn’t get? you high anymore, just unsick, and it’s far more cost-effective to spike up…that’s how it went for me and 99% of other IV users. you and the 6 ppl who upvoted you are the typical pot/psych people who don’t like ads like this harshing vibes but realize that ppl like me all went through exactly the same phase and consider you hopeful rookies. good for you if you stay off hard shit but saying drug progression doesn’t happen is insecure

  • sasukeluver345 says:

    omg, doin heroin is like getting pierced with a big needle in ur spine, u’ll die? either way

  • rosaryfilms says:

    – you are welcome. The segment comes from a government sponsored (SAMHSA) anti-heroin documentary if? I remember correctly. regards…

  • jimichavo says:

    I had only read about this ad in a magazine– I never saw it before. Rosary, thank you very much for posting! Where did you get it–or where did you? live that you taped it from air?

  • TashaRichardsonFan says:


  • tripleleo says:

    Don;t sweat ferrie, prman is obviously a douchbag trying to get a? rise out of you. People who don’t have serious pain issues can’t possibly comprehend how much constanr pain debilitates the sufferer, so don’t expect a douche-bag to.
    On a side note:
    Prman, go fuck yo mama, you bitch!

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