Quiz to Help Determine if You Have a Drinking Problem Video


Quiz To Help Determine If You Have A Drinking Problem Video – A Quiz To Help Determine If A Person Has A Drinking Problem. The disembodied voice shows up a lively party and manages to make everybody feel bad about drinking by having them play the “National Drinking Game” – a quiz to help determine if a person has a drinking problem. Alcoholism is one of the most common psychiatric disorders with a prevalence of 8 to 14 percent. This heritable disease is frequently accompanied by other substance abuse disorders (particularly nicotine), anxiety and mood disorders, and antisocial personality disorder. Although associated with considerable morbidity and mortality, alcoholism often goes unrecognized in a clinical or primary health care setting. Several brief screening instruments are available to quickly identify problem drinking, often a pre-alcoholism condition. Problem drinking can be successfully treated with brief intervention by primary care physicians. Alcohol addiction is a lifelong disease with a relapsing, remitting course. Because of the potentially serious implications of the diagnosis, assessment for alcoholism should be detailed. Alcoholism is treated by a variety of psychosocial methods with or without newly developed pharmacotherapies that improve relapse rates. Screening for problem drinking and alcoholism needs to become an integral part of the routine health screening questionnaire for adolescents and all adults, particularly women of child-bearing age, because of the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome. Alcohol misuse is


Mobile Drug Testing offers parents prevention

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Prior to owning Newmarket's Mobile Drug Testing, Chris Placy worked for 9 years as the drug and alcohol prevention specialist at schools in Cannan, Vt., and Jessica Placy worked as a biology teacher. "People always talk about getting into a business …
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Wine: Is more than a little also good for you?

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My favorite by far was a study published this summer in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs that found “moderate” wine consumption correlated with higher levels of contentment. The study in question followed more than 5,000 middle-age Canadians …
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