Quiz to Help Determine if You Have a Drinking Problem Video


Quiz To Help Determine If You Have A Drinking Problem Video – A Quiz To Help Determine If A Person Has A Drinking Problem. The disembodied voice shows up a lively party and manages to make everybody feel bad about drinking by having them play the “National Drinking Game” – a quiz to help determine if a person has a drinking problem. Alcoholism is one of the most common psychiatric disorders with a prevalence of 8 to 14 percent. This heritable disease is frequently accompanied by other substance abuse disorders (particularly nicotine), anxiety and mood disorders, and antisocial personality disorder. Although associated with considerable morbidity and mortality, alcoholism often goes unrecognized in a clinical or primary health care setting. Several brief screening instruments are available to quickly identify problem drinking, often a pre-alcoholism condition. Problem drinking can be successfully treated with brief intervention by primary care physicians. Alcohol addiction is a lifelong disease with a relapsing, remitting course. Because of the potentially serious implications of the diagnosis, assessment for alcoholism should be detailed. Alcoholism is treated by a variety of psychosocial methods with or without newly developed pharmacotherapies that improve relapse rates. Screening for problem drinking and alcoholism needs to become an integral part of the routine health screening questionnaire for adolescents and all adults, particularly women of child-bearing age, because of the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome. Alcohol misuse is


Mobile Drug Testing offers parents prevention

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Prior to owning Newmarket's Mobile Drug Testing, Chris Placy worked for 9 years as the drug and alcohol prevention specialist at schools in Cannan, Vt., and Jessica Placy worked as a biology teacher. "People always talk about getting into a business …
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Wine: Is more than a little also good for you?

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My favorite by far was a study published this summer in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs that found “moderate” wine consumption correlated with higher levels of contentment. The study in question followed more than 5,000 middle-age Canadians …
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22 Responses to Quiz to Help Determine if You Have a Drinking Problem Video

  • JustLookin0811 says:

    Yes, I am drunk right now and suck at typing. Last time I drunk type a youtube page.? HAHAHAHA

  • JustLookin0811 says:

    I thought I had a drinking problem but? I only answered yes to two. I drink alone and I keep a little in the fridge so I have look forward to something when I’ve had a shitty day- and want to strangle someone.

  • MartiniandCigarettes says:

    Here is a guy you don’t want to have at? your birthday party. Cheers.

  • dimviesel says:

    Yeh well funk you! I drink becuz today’s world is so funked up that? drinking is the only safe way to numb the pain of daily existence up

  • mryjn420090 says:

    this guy completely killed? the party

  • RSG2006 says:

    Question 11….”Do you think having a? good number of “Yes” answers on this quiz is something to brag about?”

  • WeThePeopleRleaders says:

    i agree and wonder the same- why dont they run the anti-alcoholism ads anymore??? instead they just embraced it. ESPECIALLY DURING THE? SUPER BOWL like my god! its sad how television is running our lives but we dont even try to use it for good anymore.

  • WeThePeopleRleaders says:

    theres so many college students who have drinking problems…its kinda sad to live with them in the same? house and see them ruin their lives everyday. and yet they live in denial and in sickness bc they also dont know how to take care of themselves…most of us dont even know how to cook…….honestly where did it all go wrong?

  • Bebohunny says:

    can some one write the questions FOR ME!..I BARELY? can hear what is he saying?

  • yrureadingthisname says:


  • NorCalWrestler says:

    damn I answered yes? to all of em lol

  • hyper666brown says:

    i scored? 9 out of 10!

  • OrunitaVivi says:

    Ignorance is bliss?

  • qwertisdirty says:

    because seatbelts are so much more important for your safety then not abusing alcohol
    it? the fucking overly politically correct assholes that really have stopped these important useful adds from coming out

  • Bub1029 says:

    I blame mister Herst?

  • sherribailey75 says:

    wow, that’s a good ad. how come they don’t run anti-alcoholism? ads on tv anymore?

  • curiousproclivity says:

    I am? not a big drinker either, I dislike beer (especially american brews) and only drink mixed drinks for the flavor not because of the alcohol content. One bad experience was enough for me.

  • ChoofMonster says:

    The issue is with treatment. Courts send people to 12-step groups based on evangelical Protestantism as espoused by Frank Buchman, a clear violation of Church/state boundaries. Then there are? front-groups for cults – Scientology’s NARCONON program is a recruitment tool based on 1950s pseudoscience and a vehement anti-psychiatry stance.

    Ibogaine (a naturally occurring substance) may help chronic alcohol abusers, but it is still a schedule 1 substance and requires further testing.

  • ChoofMonster says:

    I find that the buzz is not worth the hangover. After one similar experience (on my 18th birthday, so it was legal), I stopped drinking to get drunk. Now I might have one drink every few months.

    I do not believe that? alcohol abuse is a ‘disease’, it is an impulse control disorder. Nor is there any proof, after 40 years of searching, that there is any genetic factor involved. Simple cognitive-behavioral therapy is effective in about 60% of cases. Most people manage to moderate their intake.

  • Godzilla1985 says:

    getting drunk is? fun.

  • KaiseRex42 says:

    Very good and? well presented. Shame more “shock” adverts nowadays in our pc world are not that startling!

  • paxcoder says:

    Good old stuff. Today people laugh at it. As if that makes them more advanced? or something.

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