Psychology Help? Individual Differences?

Question by L’chaim: Psychology Help? Individual Differences?
2.Psychologist Louis Thurstone believed that a person’s intelligence
A.was made up of nine primary mental abilities.
B.could make them good at one skill and bad at another.
C.included the ability to use deductive and inductive reasoning.
D.all of the above.

3.Psychologist Charles Spearman believed that intelligence
A.could be broken down into nine main skills.
B.was made up of two main factors.
C.did not influence achievement.
D.should actually be defined as multiple intelligences.

4.Mental retardation is caused by
A.difficulties during childbirth.
B.drug or alcohol abuse by pregnant women.
C.genetic disorders.
D.all of the above.

5.Alfred Binet designed his aptitude tests for children of different age levels because he
A.wanted to evaluate the test’s reliability.
B.hoped to compare intelligence at different ages.
C.planned to identify each age group’s types of intelligence.
D.assumed that intelligence increased with age.

6.One of the main purposes of intelligence tests is to
A.identify people with very low and very high IQs.
B.determine the types of intelligences a person has.
C.identify different factors that make up intelligence.
D.determine if a test is culturally biased.

7.Robert Sternberg’s model of intelligence includes
A.emotional intelligence.
B.g factors and s factors.
C.analytical, creative, and practical abilities.
D.nine distinct primary mental abilities.

8.Constant supervision and care is required for people who are
A.severely retarded.
B.mildly retarded.
C.moderately retarded.
D.all of the above.

9.Kinship studies have shown that the groups with the most similar IQ scores were
A.parents and children.
B.brothers and sisters.
C.identical twins.
D.fraternal twins.

10.One study found that intelligence can be maintained among older adults if they
A.have flexible personalities.
B.attend cultural events.
C.have an intact family life.
D.all of the above.

11.Graduates of Head Start centers are more likely to
A.finish high school.
B.attend college.
C.earn high incomes.
D.all of the above.

12.The ability to recognize our own feelings is called
B.Mood management
D.People skills

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