Meth Addicts ~ Drug Problem in Kingman Arizona?


Meth Addicts ~ Drug Problem in Kingman Arizona? – I met a cool guy today who formerly grew up and lived in California. He hadn’t heard of Meth until he moved to Kingman AZ. He feels its a problem all over th…


Stanislaus County encourages adoption awareness

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Unfortunately, many children who are reported for maltreatment do not enter the foster care system, as many do not meet the legal definition of maltreatment. In 2008-09, the institute found that less than one percent of children in California had a …
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Dick Spotswood: Seeking solutions for Marin's homeless

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The breakdown is 24 percent are mentally ill, 7 percent are habitual drug users and 32 percent abuse alcohol. … The report says there were 933 people in 2013, 1,220 in 2011 and 1,770 in 2009 who met HUD's definition of homeless. Columnist Dick …
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Scottish Parliament debates the Independent Expert Review of Opioid

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Although there is a definition in the “Road to Recovery” that recognises that recovery is about voluntarily moving on from problem , and there is the UKDPC consensus statement on recovery, those definitions do not seem to be universally …
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8 Responses to Meth Addicts ~ Drug Problem in Kingman Arizona?

  • Ruben Ramirez says:

    xD by northern he means one of the hoods of kingman ahaha butler

  • Raymond Mackin says:

    I was born and raised in kingman everyone is on dope including kpd and the

  • John Mosure says:

    This guy looks like a crack head. What a Dick.

  • Nazanin Gutierrez-Abbas says:

    This is funny, I grew up in Kingman and a lot of people I knew are all meth
    addicts! I have a hand full of friends in Kingman who are not. What a

  • UnsilentPanda says:

    kingman is small as fuck what is this guy talking about

  • Mark Allen Channel says:

    i’m just a reporter guy that’s supposed to be as though the news was
    something new. It’s up to the viewer to say within themselves, ‘oh,
    everyone’s on meth’. Then the story’s complete.

  • danythefro1 says:

    cool racist. very cool

  • Christena R says:

    OMG was this guy living under a rock since the 80. Meth use to be given to
    the US Soldiers to make them fight more. I come from a very small down in
    the Pacific North West and I know and heard bout meth. The Meth is no just
    a white issue. Go back east and you see 99% of non whites on meth. Hate to
    say it you might want to do research on a topic and put it in your video
    before posting a video.

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