Meth Addicts ~ Drug Problem in Kingman Arizona?


Meth Addicts ~ in Kingman Arizona? – I met a cool guy today who formerly grew up and lived in California. He hadn’t heard of Meth until he moved to Kingman AZ. He feels its a problem all over th…


Stanislaus County encourages adoption awareness

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Unfortunately, many children who are reported for maltreatment do not enter the foster care system, as many do not meet the legal definition of maltreatment. In 2008-09, the institute found that less than one percent of children in California had a …
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Dick Spotswood: Seeking solutions for Marin's homeless

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The breakdown is 24 percent are mentally ill, 7 percent are habitual drug users and 32 percent abuse alcohol. … The report says there were 933 people in 2013, 1,220 in 2011 and 1,770 in 2009 who met HUD's definition of homeless. Columnist Dick …
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Scottish Parliament debates the Independent Expert Review of Opioid

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Although there is a definition in the “Road to Recovery” that recognises that recovery is about voluntarily moving on from problem drug use, and there is the UKDPC consensus statement on recovery, those definitions do not seem to be universally …
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8 Responses to Meth Addicts ~ Drug Problem in Kingman Arizona?

  • Ruben Ramirez says:

    xD by northern he means one of the hoods of kingman ahaha butler

  • Raymond Mackin says:

    I was born and raised in kingman everyone is on dope including kpd and the

  • John Mosure says:

    This guy looks like a crack head. What a Dick.

  • Nazanin Gutierrez-Abbas says:

    This is funny, I grew up in Kingman and a lot of people I knew are all meth
    addicts! I have a hand full of friends in Kingman who are not. What a

  • UnsilentPanda says:

    kingman is small as fuck what is this guy talking about

  • Mark Allen Channel says:

    i’m just a reporter guy that’s supposed to be as though the news was
    something new. It’s up to the viewer to say within themselves, ‘oh,
    everyone’s on meth’. Then the story’s complete.

  • danythefro1 says:

    cool racist. very cool

  • Christena R says:

    OMG was this guy living under a rock since the 80. Meth use to be given to
    the US Soldiers to make them fight more. I come from a very small down in
    the Pacific North West and I know and heard bout meth. The Meth is no just
    a white issue. Go back east and you see 99% of non whites on meth. Hate to
    say it you might want to do research on a topic and put it in your video
    before posting a video.

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