Is the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program a Local Policy?

Question by Mark: Is the resistance education program a local policy?

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Answer by Biva
it is getting national attention now & getting into national policies.

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DARE Song With Lyrics – People can tell me what they’ve done. Maybe some things. Maybe none. But people can’t tell me what to do. I will choose the way that’s true for me. Don’t want to fall into the trap. Don’t want to be somebody’s sap. I’m better than that. I’ll go to the mat to prove I can be drug free! Yeah, yeah! D! I won’t do drugs! A! Won’t have An attitude! R! I will respect myself! E! I will educate me! x2 Now…… People can tell me what they know. I will listen as I go. But people can’t take my mind away. Only I can have a say in me. Don’t have to follow others’ path. Don’t have to know their aftermath. My mind is my own! I’ll reap what I’ve sown! I know I can be drug free! Yeah, yeah! D! I won’t do drugs! A! Won’t have An attitude! R! I will respect myself! E! I will educate me! x2 Now……. Check your attitude at the door… I’m gonna beat the odds. I won’t do drugs. I won’t give in I’m gonna call the shots in my life. And I’m going to win. Don’t push me. Don’t press me. Don’t call me friend when All you wanna do is drag me down. It’s time for this to end! Check your attitude at the door! I do not want to score! I only want to win in this drug war! DARE D! I won’t do drugs! A! Won’t have An attitude! R! I will respect myself! E! I will educate me! Now! Now! DARE! I will dare! DARE!


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Lawsuit filed in rape case of ex-officer: Elder was an officer who conducted Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or… – by ourelderparents (WeCareForElderly)


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@JoeyDeMatteo Drug Abuse Resistance Education. – by DimitriVoytilla (Dimitri Voytilla)


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D.A.R.E- Drug Abuse Resistance Educationby WeAre_HiiiPower (Purp)



22 Responses to Is the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program a Local Policy?

  • cgrie3 says:

    Yea… I did this as a kid and was all about being anti drug and alcohol free, until about 28 then I smoked weed for the first time and NOTHING BAD? HAPPENED!!! SOOO pissed at these people I could have been enjoying myself and instead they made me believe that I would die if I smoked weed. educate the kids that when you reach a certain age things like booze and weed are OK in moderation. Cigarettes are more harmful than weed and I see cops smoking them all day it needs to change

  • BloodyKiss45 says:

    We? listen to this in school. But 28 people like to do drugs.

  • Rashael Hansen says:

    That Song is from the 1988’s and it? really dose work

  • Evzen Blazek says:

    dang dude, i am sorry to hear that. You already know how? bad that stuff really is since you know people that is close to you.

  • jackslater230011 says:

    That’s why I don’t do drugs.? That, and I’m to cheap to buy ’em anyways. Besides, addiction runs in my family.

  • Evzen Blazek says:

    The quote “You only live once” is so true. it makes you wanna live life in a positive direction, because you? do not have a second chance. If you damage your brain to the fullest, or not even try in school then you will totally regret the decisions that you made in the future.

  • Evzen Blazek says:

    i will tell you that the movies and music glamorizes drugs so much. well, I will tell you that not every body can be as famous as them, and the weed that they smoke is fake, including the object that they smoke it from. I will tell you straight up that at? least 15 out of 250 people in your graduating class will be locked up in prison for life, addicted to drugs, etc; because they had given into peer pressure.

  • Evzen Blazek says:

    heey dude, you will be happy? with your life when you are out of school and moved onto college. you will notice how bad marijuana, and other drugs can damage your life. The people that start smoking weed at a young age will most likely be hooked on it when they become an adult. If they are hooked, and if they develop damaged to their brain then they will be either living at their parents house, or have 3 roommates in a 1 bedroom apartment for all their? life.

  • Evzen Blazek says:

    that just means that you will? be even smarter when your a full adult; you are going to think twice before doing something that will damage your life.

  • xavior910 says:

    Meth, pot, cigs, doing dope, rape, murder is bad. Dare teaches kids about this. How is this a form of brainwashing? Teaching kid’s the laws of the country and properly educating them with PHDs in many feilds who can prove factually that? drugs hurt your body and your mental stablity. And you’re going off on some consiracy theory how’s about you stfu and walk bitch.

  • superinfinite88 says:

    lol, Oh shit i remember singing this in 5th? grade, damn.
    24 years old now and enlightened my mind with some useful drugs.

  • cpandwebkinzgirl says:

    I’m in? D.A.R.E its pretty fun! 🙂

  • LifeGivesMeMelons says:

    Anyone else find? the name ‘dare’ ironic.

  • jackslater230011 says:

    I feel like I’m the only person D.A.R.E. had an impact on.?

  • Poptart3442 says:



    am scared of drugs now………. the? DARE people told mw way to much in 5th garde BUT DAMN NOW AM IN 7TH!! AND AM SMARTER ABOUT LIFE!!! 🙂

  • Evzen Blazek says:

    haaha you have no idea dude.?

  • CorbettoMusic says:

    “E, I will educate me”………………..
    Hopefully you learn that isn’t right.
    Regardless, this? song is fucking sick!

  • DarthNorris84 says:

    You must? be real fun at parties.

  • Mamahushy says:

    Flouride is put in our tap water to make us give into this type of? propaganda easier. Simply, we are being mind controlled at even young ages.

  • Mamahushy says:

    Overhyped propaganda.?

  • Evzen Blazek says:

    i just wanna tell you? that police officers are smart as fuck in the streets as they are with being book smart. I do not know where you get off saying that they have low IQ s. I’ll tell ya something that you are wasting my studying time to repeat the same answers that i have given you already. I am now going to write a seven page paper about narcotics ;). Good bye.

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