Does Anybody Know if There Is a Drug Rehab in Florida?

Question by Fatima: Does anybody know if there is a drug rehab in Florida?
My friend told me that she needs to get treatment and she wants to enter a drug rehab. The problem is, she’s asking me to find one in Florida but I don’t know any drug rehabs there. Can you help?

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Answer by rachel
There are websites available for people who are looking for drug rehab centers. I’ve posted a few of them. I wish I could help. It’s also good to know that your friend finally admitted that she needs treatment. Good luck to you and your friend.

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Still, Wednesday's report by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was a jarring reminder of the severity of Florida's overdose problem. It showed that, despite the decline in deaths due to painkillers, overall drug-related deaths increased by 134 …
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