Are There Any Drug Rehabs in Rainelle, West Virginia?

Question by chandler: Are there any drug rehabs in Rainelle, West Virginia?
Hi there! I’m looking for a list of drug rehabs or centers in Rainelle, West Virginia. I’m on my way there right now for a vacation when I suddenly received a call from my boss, asking me to look for drug rehabs in Rainelle. I have no idea where to find one and I guess I can’t ask this question to my boss because he’s going to kill me so there. Please help me find a drug rehab here in Rainelle, West Virginia. Thank you so much.

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Answer by jo
I thought you were on vacation? Working while on vacation…. you should consider yourself a workaholic then! Anyway, I don’t know why your boss asked you to find drug rehabs in Rainelle but hey, I’m here to help. Visit the links I put in my source box to find a list of rehabs in West Virginia. Good luck with your drug rehab search and I hope you still manage to find some time to rest and enjoy your vacation.

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alcohol drug detox and rehab center in virginia – Mount Regis is a 25 bed fully accredited, licensed drug and alcohol treatment center in Salem, Virginia. We offer state-of-the-art medically monitored detox, we have inpatient and outpatient treatment options and we can offer you a lifetime of support to maintain recovery through our addiction aftercare program.


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