Alcohol Addiction Treatment Drug Addiction Rehab Tom Horvath on CNN 31Jan2009


Alcohol Drug Addiction Rehab Tom Horvath on CNN 31Jan2009 – Alcohol Addiction Treatment Drug Addiction Rehab Practical Recovery Tom Horvath Arthur Horvath


Cardinal Bank Community Fund Awards Grant to Phoenix Houses of the Mid

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Celebrating its 50th anniversary earlier this year, Phoenix Houses has since grown to become the nation's leading provider of alcohol and drug abuse treatment and prevention services. Arlington-based Vanguard Services Unlimited joined forces with …
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8 Responses to Alcohol Addiction Treatment Drug Addiction Rehab Tom Horvath on CNN 31Jan2009

  • Lwatersprings says:

    What is the attrition rate of the houses you are going to be staying at? He does not really ever answer the question, Why not? And make sure? is in accordance to the house you are going to stay at. What is being hidden? Do not get fooled by bundle statistics, with all the different programs they have: In and out patients, walk-ins, day group meeting, and the different? type of house. Demand the true statistic of the house you are going to be staying at, before you pay.Sound good answer don’t cure

  • Tedplace says:

    Alert! University City Protest: they are ready to report people to the police. The neighborhood is ready to report for these facilities that walk under the influence to the police: That means arrest, 3 strikes you are out in California. This is not a neighborhood to be comfortable in.? The officer that attended the protest said it was illegal to walk under the influence of drugs or controlled drugs.

  • Lwatersprings says:

    No assimilation into the neighborhood:

    University City: not a friendly neighborhood to stay at. So as far as assimilating into the neighborhood: What neighbor?. They continue to protest. This is not a friendly neighborhood to stay at. No friendly neighbor. What people are going to get is a cold, reject full and agree neighbors.
    assimilating, in the neighbor hood, yea right . for this amount of money?

  • Tom Horvath says:

    I resigned as a Continuing Education (CE) provider because I was not providing enough CE courses to justify the effort to maintain provider status. I was in good standing at the time, and continue in good standing as licensed? psychologist (PSY7732, California). Our two rehabs are licensed and also in good standing. Now I provide courses through other providers. In the last year I presented at the National Conference on Addictive Disorders, and the West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders

  • Jimmy Smith says:

    Horvath’s is not actively licensed in the state of California. His license, which was for a? “Continuing Education Provider” was CANCELLED in 2007 per the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, which licenses therapists, psychologists, and social workers.

  • nardtardzTV says:

    like fuck you do. your 82 % success rate is a lie. that would mean that the 500% raise in alcohol/drug? use here in Oshawa Ont. you would of helped 420 of my people. you fucking ass hole. i have 7% success rate. get your head out of your ass. im going to expose fuckers like you. 82%. sure/ because you only deal wit 3 people. IDIOT LOL

  • christiandrugrehab1 says:

    That? is intersting..

  • inwood75 says:

    I love Smart REcovery. After 36 years in AA I just was fed up and did not feel safe.Smart has great sexual harassment policy where AA and NA has? none. Tom Horvath is very intelligent and it was refreshing to have someone respect everyone’s right to achieve their goals with addiction in their own way and not have AA shoved down their throat by an arrogant AA sponosr

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