Addicted to LOST? Commercial


Addicted to LOST? Commercial – Finally, there’s a solution for all of us who can’t pull ourselves away from Lost. Visit: Also, join our Community Building Exercise by making a video response! Visit for details on why you’d want to participate. 1. Produce a television commercial spoof. Promote anything you want…OR choose one of the following “products” to promote: – PERSPECTIVE – PUNCTUALITY – CREEPINESS – SHOE HORN GREASE (inspired by Jordan & Sara’s idea.) – NEAT HANDWRITING 2. TIME LIMIT: 90 seconds or less 3. Keep it “family friendly” 4. Upload it to YouTube, then make it a response to our video. 5. Email us at: [email protected] – subject line (in all CAPS): MARCH CBE ENTRY – include in body of email: YOUR NAME, YOUTUBE ID, CHAT ID, MAILING ADDRESS, THE URL TO YOUR VIDEO 6. DUE DATE: Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Is Your Toddler Addicted To Your iPad?

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It seems toddlers are getting addicted. Many toddlers have traded the pacifier for the iPad, and it's just as hard for parents to take it away. There are online chat rooms dedicated to child iPad addiction. Parents log on looking for help and guidance …
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Helping your teen kick the habit

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Kids Health features several articles for teens to help them quit smoking — on using smokeless tobacco, addiction, motivation, the respiratory system, the effects of secondhand smoke — written in a straightforward manner, not as a lecture. http …
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