A Journey Home: One Marine’s Story


A Journey Home: One Marine’s Story – Nearly one in five veterans suffer from and PTSD. Veterans Healing Initiative, a nonprofit, is dedicated to providing veterans of all eras access to treatment for substance abuse and PTSD. The facts: 18 veterans commit suicide every day. On any given night, 300000 veterans are homeless and more than 76% of these vets suffer from substance abuse or a mental health disorder. As many as 35% of wounded troops are addicted to pain medication. Reserve and National Guard don’t have access to the full range of VA benefits. Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan face multiple deployments and shorter breaks between deployments–for these vets, the clock’s ticking. See one Marine’s journey home. Thousands more waiting for treatment. Help us help them at Veterans Healing Initiative, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. To learn more or to donate, click www.vetshealing.org. Thank you.


Veterans Affairs nixes shelter for vets, El Paso loses funding

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A forward-looking plan aimed at helping El Paso's homeless veterans rebuild their lives appears to be falling apart after the Department of Veterans Affairs declined to renew a contract with a shelter that was trying to expand its services. Key to that …
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New Program Will Help Accused Veterans Suffering from Substance Abuse

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Kentucky veterans suffering from substance abuse who are charged with crimes will soon be able to enter a treatment program through a new statewide partnership. The Veterans Treatment Court is starting in Louisville. It's a partnership by the statewide …
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Local veterans court proposed

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Ralph Wineland, readjustment counseling therapist at the Toledo Vet Center, said many of the veterans who do have problems, though, can end up in trouble with the law, and they need help. … Participants are placed on probation and then are required …
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  • gebis says:

    Only a dead ex-corporate-killer? is a cheap killer.It was their choice and a mercenary does not earn the name veteran.

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