Willard Drug Treatment Center: Financial Crime Law

If a defendant is sentenced to a “County year” (or less), the defendant will serve only 2/3 of that sentence, provided the defendant does not jeopardize his “good behavior” privileges.

If a defendant is sentenced to a “flat year” in a state prison, there is no way to know in advance for how much of that year the inmate will actually serve.

What is Shock Incarceration?

Shock is a military-based boot camp. The inmate must be 50-years old or younger, is available for non-violent (although there are some exceptions), first-time state prisoners who passes the physical evaluation and receives a sentence no longer than 3 years (“on the front end”). For example, if a defendant receives a sentence of “3 to life,” he will qualify for Shock Incarceration. A physical evaluation occurs at Shock Reception, which is located in Lakeview, NY. If the inmate qualifies and completes Shock Incarceration, he could be permitted to go home in 6 months.

What is Willard DTC Incarceration?

Willard is a 90-day military-based drug treatment center. In order to qualify, the inmate must be judicially-sentenced or violate parole and, in general, must be a persistent felon who has an alcohol and drug-related history and has already done “state time.”

Willard is available to 2nd felony offenders convicted of a specified offense as defined by CPL 410.91. In addition, it is available to inmates charged with Class C drug offenses and 1st-time Class B drug offenses. Defendants who had previously been convicted of a violent felony offense, a Class A felony and any Class B felony is no longer excluded from Willard eligibility.

What is CASAT Incarceration?

Comprehensive Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment is a 6-months work-release drug program and must be approved by a Parole board.

What is ASAT Incarceration?

Alcohol Substance Abuse Treatment is a 6-month drug program, has intensive therapy and group meetings but does not involve work release or a parole board.



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