What Were Your Own Personal Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction?!?

Question by Sam: What were your own personal signs and symptoms of drug addiction?!?
Would you ignore your girlfriend? Not talk on the phone?! Stay inside all day paranoid?! Only talk to parents when you needed money?! Pawn belongings?! What were your lies like?! etc..

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Answer by **Ghosty**
Hi – I’ve never been a drug addict, but I know a family close to me whose son was one.

They had to lock down and lock away everything from that guy; he stole money from purses and wallets, he stole family jewellery, he crept up on clothing discarded for the night (when the owner was asleep 3 feet away) to take money out of pockets – he lied, and he lied, and he lied.

He pawned his mobile phone (lied to his mother that he’d lost it) and he stole out of the bags of his school friends whenever he could.

He wasn’t staying inside ‘paranoid’, either. He would get out of his bedroom window so that he could hang around with his scummy druggy buddies.

Absolute nightmare. Totally let himself and his family down.

Good luck.
Symptoms? He lost weight, he smelled strange (probably unwashed), he was spotty, he was pale, he let his hair get long and stringy, but most noticeable of all was his eyes – spaced out with strange pupils.

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