What Type of Layout Should I Have for a Myspace Profile, Deciated to Helping People???

Question by Rosie H: What type of layout should I have for a Myspace profile, deciated to helping people???
Should I have a Myspace layout that features peace signs, love, hearts, ect?

It’s a Myspace-page for EVERYONE. I dream of being a therapist when I grow up, so I figured the best way to do that would be virtually, since I’m only 13 and ca’t do much to help contribute yet.

The page is for every single problem, like drug addiction/family-issues, ect.

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Families of Addicts – Families of Addicts – Building a Healthy Support System www.therecoveryplace.net (877) 912-7837 Families of addicts at The Recovery Place learn how to build a healthy support system that strengthens the recovery process. Help for families of drug addicts is important, since no member of the family is left untouched by the destructive addictive behavior. Family roles in addiction develop over many years. In order for the addicts to receive healthy support from the families, family focused therapies are crucial. Families of addicts learn to understand their roles, and are then able to more positively help their loved ones during the recovery process. Some members of our treatment team have experienced addictions first hand. Pamela, a lead clinician at The Recovery Place, has been clean for 21 years. Her empathy and understanding make her a powerful support for both addicts and the families of addicts.


10 Ways You Can Help Children of Alcoholics

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#2 Get Help for the Child. Children of alcoholics need ongoing help just like their addicted parent does. In addition to receiving support from trusted adults in their lives, reach out to the school guidance counselor, a family therapist or child …
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Leadership change takes effect at Family Building Blocks

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Family Building Blocks is a nonprofit relief nursery and child abuse prevention agency. It provides parenting support and early childhood services to families with babies and toddlers. The clients face multiple risk factors for child abuse and neglect …
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http://t.co/DR2EOkq8 – Author Offers Help For Families Dealing With Addiction http://t.co/fXEgDwg6 – by C4RAustin (Communities4Recovery)


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Author Offers Help For Families Dealing With Addiction – Food Consumer http://t.co/18CDJpSF – by meditationtimes (meditation times)


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Author Offers Help For Families Dealing With Addiction – Food Consumer http://t.co/2PsTaPiP – by wegotashot (StoriesOfRedemption)


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