What to Say in Written Notice to Management Company in Order to Break Apt. Lease? (Please Read Details)?

Question by bugeuse: What to say in written notice to management company in order to break apt. lease? (please read details)?
My boyfriend and I moved into an apartment in Omaha, NE owned by BH Management out of Dallas, TX. We have had numerous problems, which have been addressed verbally in messages, in person, and by email to the management company (both on property and in Dallas)…

1.) Noise continues to be a problem. Neighbors throw parties. People come home drunk and yelling at all hours of the night.
2.) A neighbor threatened to beat me up and called me a bunch of names while I was in my apartment and while she was standing outside 3 stories down.
3.) There is a poop box on the first floor and it does not get cleaned regularly, therefore the entire apartment complex smells like doggie poo.
4.) Someone has been breaking into our mailbox and taking our mail.
5.) Cigarette smoke from our next door neighbor comes in through the bathroom vent and stinks up the entire apartment.
6.) Nearly everything we touch breaks – VERY OUTDATED.
7.) Our air conditioner does not work to satisfaction. The bill is 150.00 per month. We use energy safe bulbs, keep the air at 76 degrees, and rarely use electronics.
8.) Parking. For several weeks we have had parking issues. We’ll come home at night to find that there are cars we’d never seen before and no parking.
9.) DRUGS – The neighbors smoke narcotics and it comes up through our vents.

I am positive that with all of these issues and with the complaints that we have made and that nothing has been taken care of that we can easily get out of the lease. I just want to guarantee this, can you please help me word our lease…

Thank you.

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Answer by Weimaraner Mom
There’s no way to guarantee that you can get out of the lease without knowing the termination language and how it’s written. Leases are written to protect the LL and not the tenant, chances are none of the items you list are considered reasonable excuses to get out of your lease with the complex. Parking is definately not one of them that’s a risk you take, poor ventillation, the AC bill etc. If your unit was rendered uninhabitable then yes, you’d have a legal and legitimate reason to break your lease, the items above are not them. If someone is breaking into your mailbox and stealing your mail then have it routed to a secure mailbox at the post office, also you need to report this to the post office so they can do something about it, it’s called mail theft and it’s illegal.

The landlord can and will make you pay thru the end of the lease term if you break it. You could be liable for a lot more too.

Your only option is wait until you’ve reached the end of your lease give appropriate notice and move.

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