What Extra Functionality Can I Give My Website on Addiction?

Question by fefe: What extra functionality can I give my website on addiction?
I am creating a website to create awareness about addictions,it will have features like e-conferencing for d addicts and other normal stuff…I want to know how I can make my website different from the existing ones

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Answer by David W
Some ideas, these are not all very original but hey!

1. Built in chat function.

2. Forum.

3. Ability for users of the site to register and setup their own profiles. They could then list any addictions in the profile and search for other people with the same addictions to chat with, by email, personal message etc.

4. Built in blogs for addicts to tell their stories day by day.

I’m no expert when it comes to addictions but I believe that often it can help addicts if they can chat to others with similar problems and these ideas should facilitate that.

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