What Do Drug Rehab Inpatient Centers Cost?

Question by MzLeen: What do drug rehab inpatient centers cost?
I have a loved one that needs rehab in the worst way. They need inpatient care. but there is no insurance and not much money. I am trying to get a typical cost for these places. I have tried to do some quick research online and they don’t give a cost, they just want me to call them.

So if anyone has any helpful information they could give me or advice I would greatly appreciate it!


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Answer by ijc
The cost is so varied. Check with your local community mental health center to see if there is assistance available from your county or state.

Meanwhile you can find out where a Narcotics Anonymous meeting so that you can take your loved one to a meeting. In larger cities they have meetings during the day, as well as evening, or night meetings.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself through all of this.

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