What Are the Symptoms of Drug Dependency and Abuse?


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Mental disorders can trigger drug abuse

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“One of the ways folks deal with their (mental illness) symptoms is to use drugs or alcohol,” said Karalee Pieluc, executive director of a local Catholic Charities program that assists people with a dual diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder and drug …
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Alcohol, drug abuse cost Alaska's economy .2 B in 2010

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Alcohol and drug abuse took a heavy toll on Alaska's economy in 2010, according to a new report from McDowell Group, funded by the Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Alaska Mental Health Board, and the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.
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Addiction is a brain disease

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Alcoholism, chemical dependency or drug addiction are all terms for the same illness. It has many different manifestations. What many see as voluntary actions by the affected individual are actually the result of a compulsion to use or drink that is …
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