What Are Some Statistical Facts About Drug Addiction and How It Affects Society?

Question by TinkerBellChick: What are some statistical facts about drug addiction and how it affects society?

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'Drug users are as young as 13'

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… the true picture of drug abuse on Blackpool streets. Reporter ELIZABETH BROUGHTON looks at the facts and figures – and speaks to those most affected. … But it was not until she started at high school as an 11-year-old her life began to go …
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High School Murder Suspect Tested Positive for Drug Use: Police

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The word assassin, used in some European languages, is derived from the fact that teh members of a certain murdering sect used hashish. The word hashish is not derived from assassin. Valkyrie. 8:24pm Oct 3, 2012. During a talk show last night, the …
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Your love is like an addiction, a drug. – by BGR_Facts (BGR Facts)