What Are Some Really Good Movies About People Struggling With Drug Addiction?

Question by : What are some really good movies about people struggling with drug addiction?
I am trying to find some really good movies about people struggling with drug addiction.. I have recently watched Puncture with Chris Evans in it..

Any ideas?
Is Requiem for a Dream the movie where the heroin addict looses half of his arm?

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Answer by Dawson
REQUIEM FOR A DREAM!! Really really good movie

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Tibetan drug addiction movie part 1 – Tibetan drug addiction movie


Movie reviews: 'Keep the Lights On,' 'Girl Model'

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Erik (Lindhardt) is a passionate documentary filmmaker, and Paul a wealthy lawyer. But they have a secret that can't stay hidden inside their gorgeous apartment forever: Paul's deepening drug addiction. Sachs based the movie on his own experience …
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Recovering addict's apology to Mexican mothers

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Whitaker, a recovering addict, said he now realized that his drug use had no doubt had consequences south of the border, where cartel violence has cost thousands of lives. … Then came "Family Affair," followed by more work in TV and in Disney movies.
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Review: 'Keep the Lights On' illuminates

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The award-winning independent film, featured at this year's Frameline film festival in San Francisco, is a powerfully poignant account of a gay couple dealing with one partner's drug addiction. Writer/director Ira Sachs ("The Delta") based the story …
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'Keep the Lights On' Trailer – A Gay Couple Wrestles with Drug Addiction in

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… between documentary filmmaker Erik (Thure Lindhardt) and and lawyer Paul (Zachary Booth). The life they've built together is threatened when Paul's drug addiction — an issue even in the early days — continues to worsen. Watch the trailer after …
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