What Are Some of the Best Rehab/treatment Centers in America?

Question by we take to the breeze…: What are some of the best rehab/treatment centers in America?
I am looking for a 60 to 90 day drug rehab with the best program and a solid aftercare program. location does not matter. However, I am interested to see what the east coast has to offer, New York especially. Also Canada is an option as well. any help would be great, thx!

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Answer by Ted P
Below are some programs in NY:-
st judes retreat
Arms Acres
Carnegie Hill
Addiction Therapy Associates

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INDIANAPOLIS – An Alzheimer's treatment from Eli Lilly and Co. failed to slow memory decline in two separate patient studies, but the drug did show some potential to help in mild cases of the mind-robbing condition that is notoriously difficult to treat.
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