What Are Some in-House Drug Rehab Faccilaties in Texas??

Question by solly: what are some in-house drug rehab faccilaties in Texas??
This is for my brother who is going to come up for hearing sometime soon(date has not yet been set).
I need a good in-house drug rehab faccility for him to go to to keep him clean and safe before his court date.
I’m not sure but we beleive he’s doing weed, speed, ice, and maybe meth.
And somethign more strict would be better in order to keep him in place.
I would greatly appreciate any reccomendations i get.
thank you

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Answer by morgancutie
Serenity Foundation System Drug & Alcohol Rehab. They have two locations in Texas. Look for them on line, and good luck.

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Houston Texas Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab – www.transformationstreatment.com In addition to helping you work through the physical and mental withdrawals, Transformations Treatment Center also has well developed discharge, Aftercare and Relapse Prevention Programs for each of its clients. The substance abuse counselors at Transformations Treatment Center stay in touch with program graduates to help them stay connected after they leave treatment. We find that those clients who have a better foundation and familiar people to turn to in times of crisis will successfully work through a crisis. www.transformationstreatment.com For More information Please Give Us a Call at 1-866-211-5538 and we will be happy to help you with any questions you might have.


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