What Are Good Websites About Drug Addiction?

Question by rockon56932: what are good websites about drug addiction?
i’m trying to write a research paper on drug addiction and i can’t find anything. if you could find articles or anything dealing with the subject it would help

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Answer by clueless
Here are some facts that may surprise or sadden you about drug abuse. As with most issues about addiction, there is much that is unexpected; the costs or much higher than expected and the causes are very sad.

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A Wake Up Call On Prescription Drug Abuse Targets U.S. Teenagers

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Program, created by The Pain Truth, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, began two years ago as a grassroots effort to arm young people with the knowledge to make better decisions when confronted with opportunities to abuse prescription drugs. … The …
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Teen prescription drug abuse: get the facts & take action!

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Check out these startling facts from The Medicine Abuse Project's website: Every day, more than 2,000 kids abuse prescription drugs … Teens say it's easy to get prescription drugs – 65 percent say they get meds from home or friends, 30 percent from …
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