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Teen Drug Rehab Program – Women’s Halfway House – www.BrightonHospital.org A young fashion model nearly dies from unintended overdose. She enters Brighton Hospital in Michigan and starts a new life in the teen drug rehab program while living at the women’s halfway house. Thebest drug and alcohol addiction help is what Brighton is all about. Brighton Hospital is the second oldest alcohol treatment program in the United States and the first to be licensed in Michigan . A national leader in drug and alcohol treatment and counseling services that began in the early 1950’s. Additionally, we treat addictions to meth, marijuana, pot, crack, heroin, cocaine, speed, oxycontin, coke, prescription pain pills, ecstasy, plus. Our clinics’ rehabilitation treatment programs include: dual diagnosis treatment, teen and young adult, CEO,lawyer and judges recovery, 30-60-90 day recovery programs, and men’s and women’s halfway houses. We have many recovering drug and alcohol testimonials on YouTube. www.brightonhospital.org


Program probes the whys behind addiction

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Battling drug addiction on and off since she was 18, Grovetown resident Tracy Renew has been involved in many rehab programs over the past two decades. Photos. Rick Sholette started REST because he thought other rehabilitation programs were missing …
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7 Responses to Teen Drug Rehab Program – Women’s Halfway House

  • ik1ik1ik1 says:

    those eyes……… it’s? magical

  • ryanstoner280921 says:

    Jennifer O Connel from Requiem for a Dream, ass? to ass!

  • mdcombs79 says:

    I found the CURE for addiction and I? have proof for this? claim. Click on my name and witness Powerful Stories of Freedom. I personally know and have witnessed over 100? addicts who have found True and Lasting FREEDOM after being enslaved by their addictions for so long. I have been through many programs for my addiction,? but have never found so much Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love than I have in the program I am in now. And the people I know who have given their stories are experiencing the same!

  • ericstrauss says:

    congratulations on? 6 months clean. I will tell you getting off methadone is not as hard as everyone makes it about to be as long as you pace yourself. But the cravings to use to intensify greatly once you are off methadone.

  • samfitzy8 says:

    im so proud of u, i had a drug problem i was addicited 2 heroin? and it took sum fin really bad to happen to me 2 do sum fin about it. i did try 2 get into rehabs but they told me because i wasnt a person that injects and only smoked i wasnt a big enough addict so i dun it on a meathdone programme and am doing well 6 months clean and feel great i still need my meathadne but i will be off that soon. so when i see people like u it gives me hope. thankyou for posting this video.

  • rsohlich1 says:

    Glad you’re doing well.? I hope only the best for you!

  • spiggington says:

    wow. she’d? make a great psychologist or counsellor. I’m happy she’s clean and happy!!

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