Take a Side on the Following Commentary Regarding Illegal Drug Use. Do You Agree or Not?

Question by juni: Take a side on the following commentary regarding illegal drug use. Do you agree or not?
case has been made that drug use in itself is not the problem – that the real problem is an economic and social one and that drug abuse is only a symptom of underlying conditions such as unemployment, racial inequality, and the erosion of family values. This argument states that drug abuse will diminish when these problems are solved. Is this a valid argument?

Comment on at least three other students’ responses; demonstrate how you can make this issue a little clearer from various sides.

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Answer by Yakuza
There are many illegal drugs, including stimulants (e.g., cocaine), depressants (e.g., Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate), or all-arounders (e.g., marijuana). The specific effects vary depending on the drug. Most drugs have an addictive effect after only a few uses. Even marijuana can become physically and psychologically
addicting. There are over four million people in the US addicted to drugs..

Drug addiction crosses all socioeconomic lines,it is not the sole problem of the poor or of unemployment, racial inequality, or the erosion of family values

Drug use is a choice ….addiction is the result of that choice.

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