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Drug Treatment Recommendation?

Question by Mya J: drug treatment recommendation?
Does anyone have any recommendations for a rehab center in the Los Angeles area? I am a 28yr old female with no health insurance and have been using meth for 13yrs. I need help!! I would like to go to a fairly decent treatment center. Can anyone recommend one? Thank you.

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Answer by ape_shall_never_kill_ape94
get arrested

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VIDEO An Affordable Washington Drug Rehab Treatment Center in Yakima, WA – SUNDOWN M RANCH in Yakima, WA is an affordable licensed ADULT and ADOLESCENT substance abuse drug alcohol rehab treatment center since 1968 – http://sundownr…

How Will I Find Drug Rehabs in Newfield, New Jersey?

Question by anjali nr: How will I find drug rehabs in Newfield, New Jersey?
I’m going to do a documentary regarding drug addiction and I would really like to know about the various treatment methods/programs that different drug rehabs offer.

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Answer by aimee t.
That sounds like an interesting project. I do hope that you get all the information you need. 🙂
To find drug rehabs, use the links below. You can also ask healthcare providers or hospital staff, they might be able to give you a list. Good luck!

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My Son Is a Drug Addict. What Should I Do?

Question by : My son is a drug addict. What should I do?
Oh no, my son is seriously addicted to so many drugs that it is scary. Just yesterday, I caught him huffing glue and trying to get high off of fertilizer. He also regularly likes to go out drinking drunk and recently got fired from his job because he went to work naked while he was smoking a blunt. I am scared for him. I tried talking to him last night, but he just shut the door on me and went back to smoking meth. Oh my gosh, help me!

Drug Detox Programs at 449 Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in Orange County, CA


Drug Detox Programs at 449 Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in Orange County, CA – California Drug Rehab Center. Orange county based Drug Rehab center, at 855-449-4490, offers a safe drug detox program at their outpatient drug rehab center …


Any Good Rehab’s in Georgia?

Question by : Any good rehab’s in Georgia?
I just need a good drug rehab that inexpensive and that’s in Ga. My brother is 30, already been to 3. My mom wants to send him to another one

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Answer by A F
Set Free is one of the best if he will commit to the program. It is long term but has a high rate of people really changing their lives. I have met a number of people going through the program because they do community service at a ministry whose director we know. I have seen the way they change. They also have good follow up. Contact info
881 Dorsey Street
Gainesville, GA 30501-6619
(678) 450-8270

Drug Rehab Centers for Men in California


Drug Rehab Centers For Men In California – California drug rehab centers for men are extensive in number and specialize in the treatment of all types of drug addiction in men including pills, painkill…